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Pub Series Runners Who’ve Run Three Races

It’s been an interesting 3 months for Pub Series 2015. We’re on hiatus now until August 20th when we meet up again in Norwood, Ma for the Napper Tandy’s Race. Below is a list of runners that have run 3/3 or 2/3 races thus far. As well as those who aren’t in our database for having a current subscription. If you plan on running the rest of the series and want the New Balance running shoes, pub series jacket or any other swag you will need a subscription to New England Runner by Friday, May 8th. After that date we will cull you from the list. If your name doesn’t appear or we’ve made a mistake please email nerunner@comcast.net.
Have a great summer everyone. 
First Name Last Name ARM Doyles Liams Napper Bernies Paddys Subscription
Michelle Almeida X X X
Charles Anderson X X X
Jake Barnett X X N
Meagan Bassett X X X
Marge Bellisle N X X
Erin Benham X X X
Lance Benham X X X
Jim Benton N X X
Ronald Bernier X X N n
Kris Bierfelt X X N n
Victoria Bok X X X
George Braun X X X
Andy Brennan X X X n
Autumn Brockman X X N n
Bryan Brunelli X X X
Samantha Bruning X X X
Patrick Bugbee X X X
Andy Burbine X X X
Jason Cakouros X X X
Eileen Cakouros X X X
Erin Campbell X X X
Bill Carpenter X X N
Rebecca Chaplick X X X
Ryan Chaves X X N n
Joe Ciavattone X X X
Lisa Clemence X X X
Gwen Co-Wallis X X X
Carla Colcord X X X
Larry Cole X X X
Doug Coombs N X X
Charles Coombs N X X
Paul A. Corcoran X X X
Tom Corrigan X X X
Christopher Cox X X X
James E. Craig X X X
Brian Cronin X X X
Amanda Cullen X X X n
Andrew Custard X X N n
Mark D’Amico X X X n
Lee Danforth X X X
Deanna Danforth X X X
Laureen Davis X X X
Dale Davis X X X
Sarah Deery X X N
Kevin Delaney X X X
Katelyn Demers X X N
Lauren Denizard X X X
David DeSimone X X N
Kerry Diehl X X X
Chris Diehl X X X
Jessica Dineen X X X
Michelle Donovan N X X
Edward Dowling X X X
Deborah Downs X X X n
Kent Duckham X X X n
Jeff Duryea X X N n
Pauline Eng X N X
Maura Evans X X X
Norman Everett X X X
Jack Fagan X X X
Jimmy Fallon X X X
Ariad Farmer X X X
Colleen Feehan X X N
Jesus Feurte X X N n
Dan Finkel X X X
Yvonne FitzGerald X X X n
Linda Fitzpatrick N X X
Kate Fitzpatrick X X X
Paul Fitzpatrick X X X
Dan Fitzpatrick N N X
Bill Fleming X X N
Candice Gagnon X X X
Andrew Gagnon X X N
Clayton Gardner N X X n
Amie Gauthier X X N n
Melinda George X X X n
Julie Gibbons X X N n
Andrea Glass N X X n
Daniel Goldman X X N n
Lucky Gray X X X
Colin Hackett X X X
Beth Hackett X X X
Paul Hammond X X X
Eric Hawkes X X N
Julie Haynes X X X
Jeffrey Heap X X X
Thomas Hennessey X X X
Deborah Hickey X X X
Cory Hofmann X N X
Andrew Holmes X X X n
Jan Holmquist X X X
Gregory Houde X X X
Steve Houde X X X
Eric Hultquist X X N n
Kelli Hurst X X X n
Anna Iokheles X X X
Meg Jacobs N X X
William Jennings X X X
Karen Jew X X X n
Erica John X X N n
Kevin Jones X X X
Elizabeth Kane X X X
Carol Keane X X X
Shiferaw Kebede N X X n
Jeff Kelleher X X N
Paul Kelly X X X
David C. Killian X X X
Benjamin Koconis X X N n

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