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Almost 5 Good Reasons to Experience Liam Maguire’s Irish Pub Almost 5-Miler

  1. The Locale


You’re down the Cape in May before the summer onslaught. You can walk the streets, move about in a restaurant, take in the bikepath to Woods’ Hole, all without being sardined by the sunscreen slathered masses.


You can hear the birds and not the autos, be transfixed by the movement of the ocean without the distraction of screaming kids.


In testament to the solitude of the season, three-time NER Pub Series champion Paul Hammond of the Whirlaway RT, won a dance contest at Grumpy’s (dive bar) the evening before the race this year (and was the only one entered).


  1. The Race


Right off Main Street in Falmouth proper with plenty of parking (see above). In fact the race starts in a parking lot but then quickly heads down Walker Street to Surf Drive and you’re by the ocean.


You then turn inland for a jaunt past Falmouth’s quaint houses and byways before spilling out onto Surf Drive again shortly before 4-miles.


The race course is almost 5-miles and almost flat.


There’s prize money: this year almost $300 for 1st ($299); almost $200 for 2nd ($199) and almost a C-Note for 3rd ($99).


There’s also $ for the top two M&F Masters ($149 – $74) and top Seniors ($74).


Then there’s team awards for the top-4 (almost 5) squads. This year’s winning squad – The Hurtin’ For Certain Striders – carried away “almost a case of Harpoon beer” (the missing bottle was later added).


  1. The Organization


Put on by PCB Management (Russ “P”elletier, Jack “C”aroll and Courtney “B”ird) bring years of runner-friendly, tongue-in-cheek, frivolity to the whole affair.


There’s a pre-race party at Liam’s the night before the race, and then the next day after the race, and then back at Bird’s manse overlooking Little Sippewissett Marsh (and the Atlantic) where this past May 7, 40 lbs. of barbequed chicken was offered up along with 100 oysters and 200 clams (and a few kegs of Harpoon).


  1. Ain’t No Stinkin’ Corporate Race


Can’t get in the annual summer tourist migration from Woods Hole to Falmouth Heights in August, just send the organizers the $40 or $50 or whatever they’re charging for the privilege of jogging the Falmouth Road Race course “virtually” on your treadmill.


If you want to visit a laid back event filled with color and characters, point your car in the same direction three months earlier.


Almost 5. Hmm…still thinking….


…but it may have something to do with NER Pub Series XXI

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