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Posted On: 10/25/2012

NER 2012 Pub Series XV Manifesto & Schedule
Women's Standings

The All-Important Rules of Engagement: Anyone and everyone is encouraged to participate in the Pub Series. For those wishing to be scored, to be eligible for $ and other swag at the Series' end, the party at Doyle's (guaranteed for those who have completed all the races) as well as the jacket for doing all six Series' races (or New Balance running shoes for just doing five) you need to be a paid subscriber to NER so click here no later than May 1. If you're married or living in sin, one per household will do. To be scored you need to participate in five of the six races; hence, "Five to Stay Alive." "Miss one, have your fun; Miss two, you're through."

Also, if your name is misspelled or missing from the list we post on our website of participant's attendance at races (along with a write-up, usually 1-2 days post event), Michelle has that thankless task so let her know asap (as opposed to the end of the Series) at Mick. Yours truly(Fitz) has the thankless task of scoring the races, so if there's a point discrepancy, likewise, let me know asap at Fitz    

 IMPORTANT: On the homepage of this website you can sign up for our free bi-weekly newsletter, crucial to staying up to date with Pub Series news. Don't be one of those people who emails us at the end of the Series asking why we didn't email you for a jacket size before the deadline - No. 1, we don't have your email; No. 2, the info was in the e-newsletter.

Beginning in 2011,  Boston-based athletic sportswear giant New Balance signed on as the the multi-year sponsor of the NER Pub Series.


Gender specific Pub Series jacket will be awarded to everyone who runs six of six races. For those who complete five of six races there's a pair of New Balance running shoes in the offing.


 Along with a new pair of New Balance running shoes to the top 5 Open men & women, as well as age-group overall winners, the end of series cash payouts for the top five men & women this year are: 1st, $200 - 2nd, $150 - 3rd, $125 - 4th, $100 - 5th, $75. Divisional winners from Masters through 70+ also win a new pair of New Balance running shoes and $50, with merchandise going to places 2-3.


IMPORTANT Jacket Info: Your lifeline to the Pub Series is our website NER and free bi-weekly enewsletter as well as the mag. Take advantage of all because that's where the notice asking for your jacket size will appear after the fifth race in the Series. If the deadline is missed (and sorry, but this is your fault, not ours), men's sizes default to 'large' and women to 'medium.' No whining allowed.


SCORING: The top overall 50 places for men and women are based on cross country scoring. Win the race, you get 50 points, come in 50th, you get one point. Everyone of any age is eligible to score here. Age group scoring goes 10 deep for Masters & Seniors (50-59), 8 deep for Vets (60-69) and 5 deep for 70+. Example: If you're the top 40-49 runner in a race, you get 10 points in your age division. If you're 10th Master, you get one point.


Without further ado, THE 2012 PUB SERIES XV SCHEDULE (with new race info to be posted following the March issue going to press)


March 2515th Annual An Ra's M'or 5K


Gaelic for "The Great Race" this festive event features a flat & fast USATF certified course that runs from the host Asgard Irish Pub & Restaurant at 350 Mass. Ave. in Cambridge to the border of Harvard Square and back.


Prize money runs $100 - $50 - $25 for the top three men and women along with age group awards. There'll be a large tent outside (unless there's still copious snow on the ground) with festivities outside (food, beer, whipping winds-not) and inside the Asgard (food, beverage and a live band playing) where the awards ceremony will take place.


The An Ra's M'or was a solid entry into the 2009 Pub Series and we're glad to have them back. The Somerville Road Runners's Brendan Kearney is the RD and SRR cohort Paul Vincent Clark reports that he's just "Put the finishing touches on Cambridge's next huge road race experience." — Feb. 9, 2011.


The Somerville Road Runners are the gracious host club. For a Google map on location and other info, visit http://www.srr.org/anrasmor/ The email contact is anrasmor@srr.org


April 22 - 16th Annual Doyle's Emerald Necklace 5M, Jamaica Plain, MA —


Run out of world famous Doyle's Cafe, the creme-de-la-creme of Publican purvey and the Cornerstone of the New England Runner Pub Series. Remember the girls dancing on the bar in the movie "Mystic River?" That's Doyle's. The young bartender in the Sam Adams commercials? That's Publican Gerry Burke, Jr. standing in front of the bar at Doyle's (but we digress).


The certified course is run almost entirely in traffic-free Franklin Park; it's rolling and tres scenic with bagpipers at the mile. A seismic party follows, inside and out, with a DJ outside, the Finnian Sons inside, Interactive Simon Says outside, food and free pouring libation inside and out.


This race started in 1995 and became a Pub Series event a year later. In 2010 there was a record field of 2,106 finishers. The Pub Series Awards night is held in the Fitzgerald Room at Doyle's each December.


Doyle's phone number is 617-524-2345. The registration for Doyle's Emerald necklace can be found at "Raceit.com" Search "Boston, Ma" and it's the 5th race down.
Men's Results After Doyle's (Race No. 2)
Women's Standings After Doyle's (Race No. 2)
June 3 - 6th Smuttynose Will Run For Beer 5K, Newmarket, NH
Potentially, THE MOTHER OF ALL PUB SERIES events as this is the Grand Finale of LOCO's 'Will Run For Beer' series and the halfway point of NER Pub Series XV. Run in a bucolic setting the race is a single loop over rolling rural roads.
The post-race PARTY includes a rock band and is held across the street from the Smuttynose Brewery; hence, Smuttynose craft brews are part of the refreshments.
* A new entrant in the Pub Series.  http://www.locorunning.com/index-smuttynose5k.php

August 19 - Common Fence Point 5M, Portsmouth, RI - 
Hosted by the Rhode Island Road Runners, the 5-mile rural, winding and scenic race course takes in views of both the Sakonnet River and Mt. Hope Bay. Post-race festivities start at the Common Fence Point Community Center & includes ample food, raffle prizes and, of course, adult libation
RIRR honcho John Santillo has been the director of this fine event for the past nine years and hosted the Pub Series back in 2006. mailto:katjonkkd@cox.net

You can register online here Paper applications should be available when Doyle's rolls around so stay tuned. Men's Standings   Women's Standings
September 30 - 10th Annual Jack Kerouac 5K, Lowell, MA - 
NOTE: Due to a conflicting decision by USATF-NE LDR's (see May-June issue of NER for detailed explanation) the race is moving to the Brewery Exchange at 201 Cabot Street in Lowell. The date is the same. More info at the race website linked below.

Get "On The Road" in this homage to Jack Kerouac - Lowell native, pioneer of the Beat Generation & literary iconoclast. The race host is the Brewery Exchange
Prizes go five-deep in 10-year age groups up to 80+ and the first 400 entrants receive Jack Kerouac tech shirts.
The post-race party includes, raffles, refreshments, live music and adult beverages.
*Another first-time entrant into the series. What can you say....the city of Lowell wrote the book on bar races. 
October 14 - Paddy's Shillelagh Shuffle 3M, West Newton, MA -


The Grand Finale of the Pub Series. Shillelagh's to the winners, music, food and drink for all (And What Food!). Music and vendor's tents in the parking lot across from Paddy's greet the day's first registrants.


USATF-New England course certifier Steve Vaitones and race organizers originally looked at making this a 5K, but there was no way to do it without a succession of 90-degree right and left hand turns, so what you have is a very flat, very fast, USATF certified (MA07030JK) and chip-timed 3-Miler (how many of those are there, huh?)


A bagpiper serenades runners awaiting the start while Pub Series division leaders wear the maillot jeune before striding along Newton's Champs D'Elysee. The race shirts are cult classics and New Balance supplies prizes (shoes, merchandise) going 3-deep starting at 14-under and extending through 70+.


There's a DJ playing outside and a live band playing upstairs at Paddy's. The Irish artifacts collected by Publicans John and Karl O'Hara are, by themselves, well worth a leisurely tour of the pub.


Last year saw record entries of 2,093. RD Mark Kelly does superlative work behind the scenes to provide the Series with a suitable bookend to Doyle's.


For Irish music, past results, photo galleys, directions and lots more info, visit:  Paddy's


Just one last reminder: Notice is given and jacket sizes are turned over to New Balance before the sixth race of the Series, so check our website NER and sign up for our free bi-weekly enewsletter to keep track of all Pub Series proceedings.


Good Luck & Have A Great Series!





Wednesday, March 07, 2012 7:06:23 PM by Anon
The registration for Doyle's Emerald necklace can be found at "Raceit.com" Search "Boston, Ma" and it's the 5th race down. I had to call to find out.
Thursday, March 08, 2012 10:43:21 AM by The Great Oz's better 1/2
Thanks Anon for posting the info about Doyles. Please register online and early if you can....Makes it easier for everyone on race day!!!
Monday, March 26, 2012 10:34:15 AM by NER
Thanks to everyone who ran An Ra's Mo'r. Story and points will be posted by the end of the day on Monday.
List of series participants will be posted after Doyles.
Monday, March 26, 2012 11:25:11 AM by kfigura
I can't remember if I signed up for the 2 yr or 1 yr NER subscription.. how would I go about finding this out? PS...Great race yesterday!
Monday, August 06, 2012 3:14:23 PM by Simone
Very thought pniookvrg comment, Charles. I relate to the discomfort of claiming the positive aspects of being a WASP. As I wrote the post, I noted to myself that I was only listing the negative ones. I also have hard-worker, determined, serious, responsible from that background.Your example simply and clearly illustrates how our egos prevent us from working towards our goals. We're developing an article for Diversity Exec magazine, and I was just writing yesterday how our desired and dreaded images are anti-diversity' mechanisms. It's my opinion that the vast majority of conflict around race stems from how we get triggered in the conversations so we are too reactive to actually address the racism. Our ego sensitivities allow the whole system to perpetuate.
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Wednesday, August 14, 2013 12:39:15 AM by Veronica
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