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New Zealand‰Ûªs Anne Hannam (R) leading the 1988 Tufts Health Plan 10K For Women. Directly behind her is Lynn Jennings and to Jennings left is 1984 Boston Marathon winner Lorraine Moller, also of New Zealand. On this day, Hannam would set the Tufts course record of 31:38 that stood for …

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NER Pub Series XIX Final Men’s Standings

NER Pub Series XIX Men‰Ûªs Final Standings After Paddy‰Ûªs Shillelagh Shuffle 3M  Open Men (Top 50 Score)   1. TJ Unger                                  276 2. Patrick Bugbee                        271 3. Lee Danforth                           263 4. Joe O‰ÛªLeary                            238 4. Kevin Delaney                        238 6. Andrew Holmes                      216 7. Doug Martyn                          212 8. Pat …

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NER Pub Series XIX Final Women’s Standings

NER Pub Series XIX Women’s Final Standings Paddy’s Shillelagh Shuffle 3M   Open Women (Top 50 Score)   1. Kara Haas                            296 2. Amanda Watters                  287 3. Kristin Shaw                        258 4. Sarah Barrett                        251 5. Christine Howe                    245 6. Katrina Martyn                     244 7. Elizabeth Bugbee                 213 8. …

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Emily Sisson Wins Tufts 10K

SISSON RUNS AWAY WITH FIRST NATIONAL TITLE AT TUFTS 10-K By Chris Lotsbom, @ChrisLotsbom (c) 2016 Race Results Weekly, all rights reserved BOSTON (10-Oct) — Emily Sisson won her first U.S. road racing national title on a crystal clear day here at the 40th annual Tufts Health Plan 10-K for …

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