No Frills, Nuts & Bolts 2007 NER Pub Series Line-Up

Subpeoned by the Publican Freedom of Information Act, we are releasing an explanatory intro with the 2007 Pub Series line-up which will be expanded on and that will be expanded upon on the web to include web URL’s etc.

NER Pub Series X – The Decade Dance

Started in 1998 as a less competitive and more social counterpart to the USATF-NE Grand Prix Series, the 10th edition of the 2007 NER Pub Series will feature three of the original four races from 1998: Doyle’s, The Brew Run and the Bobby Bell 5M (another two-Eagle Brook Saloon 5M and Rafferty’s Pub 5M are now defunct). The fourth–Khoury’s Summer Steamer–is a definate for 2008 as is the Irish Village 5M…we will explain. But first…

The Rules of Engagement: Anyone and everyone is encouraged to participate in the Pub Series. For those wishing to be scored, to be eligible for $ and other swag at the Series’ end party at Doyle’s (and to be eligible for Doyle’s), as well as the jacket for doing all six Serie’s races, you need to be a subscriber to NER (if you’re married, one per household will do) no later than the second race of the Series, and you need to participate in five of the six races; hence, “Five to Stay Alive.”

Regarding Irish Village: Every year we let participants at the Doyle’s party vote on a race from the previous year they’d like to see back. We also have a rule that for races other than our kick-off (Doyle’s) and grand finale (Paddy’s) a race needs to sit out after two consecutive years. Being a benign dictatorship we bent that rule for our 10th anniversary and May’s Irish Village 5M on the Cape got voted back for a third year. Its date, May 12, is the same day my niece is being confirmed in Cape Elizabeth, ME. Following the “family first” doctrine inherent in a benign dictatorship, we informed RD Kevin Enright of the situation and, allowing for full disclosure on our part, he’s A-OK with a year’s postponement.

Considering that the weather has been brutal at his event for the past two years-a May Nor’Easter in 2005 and a soaker with 40-50 mph winds in 2006-one of two things will happen: 1) Race day will be mild, bright and sunny with not a cloud in the sky; or 2) Monsoon-like conditions will prevail, in which case Kevin can no longer blame us for bringing dismal weather to his event. Either way, it’s a Win-Win.

Regarding Khoury’s: The “Trail to Ale” 10K received the second most votes from Pub participants and returns for 2007. Khoury’s Summer Steamer has steadily been rising as a viable candidate and this year ranked No. 3. Khoury’s has been in the Series twice before but, somewhat like a marathon, you need to step away from it for awhile to truly appreciate the experience. Two primary reasons: July heat appropriate for a “Steamer,” and legendary “Winter St. Hill” near the end of the first mile. Once you get your head past this, you can appreciate all that the host Somerville Road Runners provide during a great post-race bash at the very classy Khoury’s State Spa.

Without further ado, the 2007 line-up:

April 22 – 11th Annual Doyle’s Emerald Necklace 5M – Jamaica Plain, MA.

June 3 – 14th Annual Corrib Pub Classic 5K – W. Roxbury, MA.

August 11 – 29th Annual Brew Run 5M – Brewster, MA

September 16 – 8th Annual Portland Trails “Trail to Ale”10K

A note here: Due to construction on the Shipyard Brewery property, the post-race gathering has been moved a stone’s throw away to the Portland Company Complex at 58 Fore St. where Shipyard will be serving its fine product.

October 7 – 21st Annual Bobby Bell 5M, Haverhill, MA.
One Caveat: There is now gender-graded scoring in place going 10-deep in divisions. Ladies, multiply your time by .88 for your official ranking.

October 21 – 6th Annual Paddy’s Shillelagh Shuffle 3M, October 21.

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