NER Hemorrhages Bonus $$$ at Mount Washington

When it rains, it pours, and that might have been a help against future insolvency for NER but the weather for the 48th Mount Washington 7.6-Mile ‰âÂèÏRun to the Clouds’ was perfect – low 70s at the base, mid-40s above tree-line with a cloud cover and little wind…

When Matt Carpenter broke Craig Fram’s Masters Record in 2005, race winner Simon Guttierrez was 39. Carpenter had run 1:02:12 and Simon had summitted in 1:00:54. He was a lock to clinch an extra $2K in 2006 right?

Ixnay, dinged in both 2006 (hamstring) and 2007, Simon didn’t crack 1:04:00 either year and no one on the women’s side was close to Joan Sameulson’s 40+ record of 1:16:03 set in 1997. Colorado’s Laura Haefeli placed 3rd in both 2004 and 2006, running under Samuelson’s time in 2006 (1:15:45) at the age of 38.

Still, so cocky was NER after not having to pay out a solitary cent of the $2K Masters Bonus for two straight years, that we loaded up with a C-Note side bet with wily Mt. W. RD Bob Teschek.

So Simon runs 1:01:34 and Laura (now 40) pulls into the finish line at 1:13:34. Both 40+ records are demolished. Kudos to Scranton, PA’s Matt Byrne, who placed 6th overall in 1:02:02 and was compassionate enough to buy the mag a beer at the Eagle’s Landing later. Also, to 4th placer Joe Gray (1:01:31) of Washington who referred to NER as a “sweet‰âÂVbCrLf magazine. These acts of kindness kept us going through our darkest hour.

Also, congrats to Simon and Laura. If they haven’t put the records ‰âÂèÏout of sight’ they’ve certainly put them further down the road. So, the final tally. Cost of the men’s 40+ record – $2,000; price of the women’s 40+ record – $2,000; price of the side bet with Teschek – $100; look on co-publisher Michelle LeBrun’s face when both records went down – Priceless!

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