Hartford Marathon-New England’s Finest Program

The “New England’s Finest” program in conjunction with the ING Hartford Marathon on Sat., Oct. 13 is in its fifth year. On the heels of the men’s and women’s Olympic Trials Marathon the program is designed to reward and highlight the many excellent athletes, age-groupers included, from the New England region.

Invited athletes are given a two-night stay, $150 travel reimbursement, free apparel, comped entry along with that of a companion, and VIP treatment, VIP tent, water stations, etc. There is also significant bonus money for New Englanders in the marathon and half marathon. For example: top prize in the marathon is $3K. If a New Englander were to win, that would become $6K, and so on through five places.

NER serves as a consultant and media partner with a special insert on the program and the athletes involved appearing in our Sept/Oct issue.

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