2008 Pub Series Men’s Standings After 3 of 6 Races

Refusing to be lulled into the red zone by pre-designated rabbit Joseph Ekuom of Kenya, the malt-driven men of the Pub Series powered on against an impressive field. Is not HFC’s Lee Danforth hungry for the laurel wreath? Lee vaulted the jersey barrier coming out of the rail trail to place 2nd overall in 16:14 and take that position in the Series

While Joe Navas (calf) and Brendan Lynch (cold) were hors de combat after Irish Village, Series runner-up John Noland hit the shelf for this race with a calf problem and dropped to eighth. Heal up John, Khoury’s Summer Steamer looms on the 13th.

Series leader Terry McNatt didn’t vault the jersey barrier but did place 5th to retain a 7-point spread over Danforth with mighty Mike McGrane crouching just 6-points below Danforth and Derek Dorval and Chris Spinney also in the hunt. Defending champ McNatt is an MIT alum and able to calculate on the run how much effort is needed to retain the maillot jeune.

Galway’s Jimmy Fallon was second Master to McNatt and made a big leap into the top 10 after being hampered with niggling injuries at Doyle’s and Irish Village. Also, former Vermont Vroom machine Gordon McFarland led six Veterans under 22 minutes in a deep, deep division.

Congrats to all who braved the Rt. 96 snarl to share some aqua vitae with the stout-heated men and fair women of the Winner’s Circle RC. It was a fine job by RD Mike Fiene who saved this race from the dustbin two years ago.

It’s time to once again drop the beer mug, pick up the training shoes and we’ll see you in scenic Somerville on the 13th!

Open Men (Top 50 Score)

1. Terry McNatt…139
2. Lee Danforth..132
3. Michael McGrane…126
4. Derek Dorval….119
5. Chris Spinney…108
6. Chris Smith…104
7. Jim Sullivan…93
8. John Noland…88
9. Jimmy Fallon..71
10. Gordon McFarland,…70
11. Dave Wessman…68
12. John Tolbert…65
13. Bob Bischoff, RI..52
14. Paul Corcoran..50
15. Chris Crema…42
16. Nikhil Jain…36
17. Paul Hammond…32
18. Frank Hope…31
19. Jack Cachelin….21
20. Iron Joe Drugan…18
21. Rich Sturges…16
21. John Winters…16
23. Duke Hutchinson,…11
24. Jim McLaughlin…7
25. Mit Gnivri…6
26. Ben Nosek …3
27. Dave Pember…2

Masters (Top 10 Score)

1. Terry McNatt…28
2. Chris Spinney…17
3. John Noland…15
4. Chris Smith…14
5. Jimmy Fallon…10
6. Jim Sullivan…8
7. John Tolbert..3
8. Paul Hammond…4
12. Andy MacDonald…3

Seniors (Top 8 Score)

1. Dave Wessman…19
2. Paul Corcoran…11
3. John Winters…7
4. Jack Cachelin..6
5. Jim McLaughlin,…4
6. Tom Foltz…2

Veterans (Top 6 Score)

1. Gordon MacFarland…17
2. Iron Joe Drugan…12
3. Duke Hutchinson…9
4. Dave Pember…6
5. Charlie Farrington…3
6. Joe Brown…1

Super Vets 70+ (Top 4 Score)

1. Bob Hillman…4
2. Tom Wright…3


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