2008 Pub Series Women’s Standings After 3 of 6 Races

For those who weathered the T-Boomers and the Route 95 snarl, it was worth the pain and sacrifice to support the Pat Polletta race and raise a glass with the honorable men and women of the Winner’s Circle Club.

With the absence of the 2-3-4 women after Irish Village, 2005 Pub Queen Mimi Fallon not only extended her lead but was seen leafing through $200 worth of greenbacks after passing BAA teammate Betsy Suda to secure the win.

Who knew there was payola at this race‰âÁåÂå_other than RD Mike Fiene and the Kenyan who went sub-5 to secure the win.

A number in attendance moved up the leaderboard and emcee Dave LaBrode went absolutely ga-ga over 60 year-old Patty Foltz’s 21:07 showing that moved her into 3rd place. But what about hubby Tom who secured yet another Senior point to bring his tally to 2? Isn’t that reverse sexism.

Perhaps the most impressive performance on the day (and Patty was impressive!) was Carol Lahiff’s move into 13th from a tie for 87th after Irish Village. Carol ran 21:29 to place 7th among women and will have a homecourse advantage at Khoury’s Summer Steamer on July 13. See you there!

Women Open (Top 50 Score)

1. Mimi Fallon..149
2. Melanie Hire…116
3. Patty Foltz, VT..108
4. Marge Bellisle, RI…94
5. Sue Kenney…86
6. Mara Lappin..83
7. Mary Peabody…77
8. Ana Hubert…71
9. Christine Bradley..69
10. Catherine Farrell…49
11. Cathy Cagle,…49
12. Laura Scott…..24
13. Mary Doran…46
14. Carol Lahiff…41
15. Sue Maslowski…39
16. Ally Maslowski…34
17. Michelle Colman28
18. Laura Scott…24
19. Marianne Withington…22
20. Kat Callard…20
21. Joann Morris,…18
22. Beth Dorval…18
23. Laurie Anglin…8
24. Nora Shanahan…5
25. Alison Hope…4
26. Annmarie Gaebel…4
27. Shelley Esposito…2

Masters (Top 10 Score)

1. Mimi Fallon…30
2. Melanie Hire…19
3. Ana Hubert..7
4. Carol Lahiff…6
5. Christine Bradley …5
6. Cathy Cagle…2

Seniors (Top 8 Score)

1. Sue Kenney…19
2. Marge Bellisle, RI…16
3. Sue Maslowski, NH,…15
4. Mary Peabody…14
5. Marianne Withington….2
6. Joanne Morris…1

Veterans (Top 6 Score)

1. Patty Foltz,VT…18
2. Catherine Farrell…14
5. Mary Tyler..2

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