2008 Pub Series Men’s Standings After 4 of 6 Races

Luckily for all those running, Khoury’s wasn’t quite the ‘Steamuh’ it’s been in the past and consequently there was no meltdown in the standings. By placing second overall, CSU wunderkind Terry McNatt added a single point to his lead while HFC’s Lee Danforth passed John Noland and Mark Reeder starting on Franklin St. to place third overall and 8-points back of the defending and reigning Pub Series champ.

While we welcome Noland back after a one-race hiatus with an ankle injury, we will all be wearing black armbands in Haverhill for the Bobby Bell 5-Miler. http://www.coolrunning.com/major/08/bbell/ Three-time Pub Series champion Paul Hammond – who up until this year had missed only two Pub Series races in 10 years – has been felled by injury and fallen victim to the “miss two and your through” clause in everyone’s Publican contract.

The legend vacates the leaderboard with 32 overall points and 4 masters points.

For his efforts, Noland only picked up one overall position but moved into second among Masters, a division in which both Chris Spinney and Khoury’s Tri-Race Director Jim Sullivan both hit rough patches at the Steamuh. We know Duke Hutchinson is tired of seeing Iron Joe Drugan’s backside (and because Vet’s division leader Gordon McFarland is so far ahead that’s all there is). After trailing the Hopedale HS coach by 37 seconds at Polletta, the Dukester narrowed that margin to 9-seconds at Khoury’s.

Although warm and fairly humid, race day was a far cry from the 90-degree, blazing humidity of an earlier Pub Series’ rendition in which Saucony’s Chris Teague and Eric “The Keg” Beauchesne hammered each other for 4.13 merciless miles.

Still, the post-race Summer brew seemed just as quenching and in Steamuh tradition, runner’s still dripped-dry long after crossing the finish line.

So it’s on to Haverhill and the 22nd Bobby Bell 5M on Oct. 12 where it’s do-or-die over a course with enough character to make a difference for those having good days and, conversely, for those not having such good days. Enjoy the summer!

Open Men (Top 50 Score)

1. Terry McNatt                                  188
2. Lee Danforth                                  180
3. Michael McGrane                          170
4. Derek Dorval                                 161
5. Chris Smith                                   147
6. Chris Spinney                                145
7. John Noland                                  134
8. Jim Sullivan                                  117
9. Jimmy Fallon                                111
10. Gordon McFarland                     103
10. Dave Wessman                           103
10. John Tolbert                                103
13. Paul Corcoran                              77
14. Chris Crema                                 59
15. Nikhil Jain                                   49
16. Frank Hope                                  41
17. John Winters                                23
18. Iron Joe Drugan                           22
19. Duke Hutchinson                         14
20. Jim McLaughlin                            7
20. Mit Gnivri                                     7
22. Ben Nosek                                     3
23. Dave Pember                                 2

Masters (Top 10 Score)

1. Terry McNatt                    38
2. John Noland                      23
3. Chris Spinney                    21
3. Chris Smith                       21
5. Jimmy Fallon                    16
6. Jim Sullivan                       8
6. John Tolbert                       8

Seniors (Top 8 Score)

1. Dave Wessman         27
2. Paul Corcoran          18
3. John Winters             8
4. Jim McLaughlin       4
5. Tom Foltz                 2

Veterans (Top 6 Score)

1. Gordon MacFarland                23
2. Iron Joe Drugan                      17
3. Duke Hutchinson                    13
4. Dave Pember                            9
5. Charlie Farrington                    3
5. Joe Brown                                3

Super Vets 70+ (Top 4 Score)

1. Bob Hillman                                               6
2. Tom Wright                                                 4


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