2008 Pub Series Women’s Standings After 4 of 6 Races

Both the Pub Series men’s and women’s leaders preserved their standing with runner-up runs at the ‘Steamuh’ which was less steamy this year than in drenchfests past.

Mimi Fallon, Melanie Hire and cow country’s Patty Foltz still hold down the 1-3 slots but the return of Mara Lappin and the absence of RI’s Marge Bellisle and the Cape’s Mary Peabody vaulted Ms Lappin into 4th overall (brother Teddy Fitzpatrick placed 6th among men).

Christine Bradley and Ana Hubert were checking their points before the climb up Winter St Hill Just 2 points apart the pair kept track of each other with Christine placing 9 seconds ahead of Ana to put the pair into a 6th place tie at 103.

This turn of fortune didn’t prevent Ana’s hubby, Buddy Hubert, from celebrating her birthday in Khoury’s parking lot with a recent vintage from the cellar.

Also vaulting into the top 10 with another solid performance was SRR’s own Carol Lahiff (pronounced LAhiffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff) Carol had just conquered Winter St Hill in one of her better times during the regular Somerville Road Runner Thursday night runs and now occupies the 8th position on the leaderboard.

If Mimi Fallon and Melanie Hire retain their 1-2 positions, that would put Ana, Christine and Carol into the Win, Place, Show positions among Masters And CSU’s Cathy Cagle would also be there if she didn’t sidestep Doyle’s for some fun in Botswana.

Also a bit tighter after Khoury’s is the Senior slugfest between Sue Kenney and Sue Maslowski Sue Maz sized up Sue K on the final turn off Franklin Street and when Sue K swung wide, Sue Maz hugged the tangent and now resides 3-points behind Sue K.

In a  crazy occurrence, if Stowe, VT’s Patty Foltz maintains her bronze medal standing, that would bump CSU’s defending Veteran champion Catherine Farrell into the division’s numero uno slot It would also mark the first time anyone other than a Master had cracked the top 5 in the men’s or women’s standings.

Another test awaits at the Bobby Bell 5-Miler http://www.coolrunning.com/major/08/bbell/ in Haverhill on Oct. 12 so, in the interim, enjoy the summer and we’ll see you in beautiful Haverhill, MA (if not before).

Women Open (Top 50 Score)

1. Mimi Fallon                           198
2. Melanie Hire                         156
3. Patty Foltz, VT                      147
4. Mara Lappin                         128
5. Sue Kenney                          112
6. Ana Hubert                           103
6. Christine Bradley                 103
8. Carol Lahiff                           83
9. Cathy Cagle                          79
10. Catherine Farrell                 70
11. Mary Doran                        68
12. Sue Maslowski                     67
13. Laura Scott                          34
14. Michelle Colman                 29
14. Marianne Withington         29
16. Kat Callard                         20
17. Annmarie Gaebel               18
18. Laurie Anglin                      8
19. Alison Hope                        4
19. Shelley Esposito                  4

Masters (Top 10 Score)

1. Mimi Fallon                           40
2. Melanie Hire                          25
3. Carol Lahiff                           14
4. Ana Hubert                            11
5. Christine Bradley                  10
6. Cathy Cagle                           5

Seniors (Top 8 Score)

1 Sue Kenney                            24
3 Sue Maslowski, NH               21
5 Marianne Withington             6
4 Michelle Colman                   3
5 Laurie Anglin                        1

Veterans (Top 6 Score)

1 Patty Foltz,VT                       24
2 Catherine Farrell                   19
3 Mary Tyler                             6

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