Day 9 Team USA Quotes

Day 9Team USA quotes – Evening session

Women’s 4x400m final

Mary Wineberg (Cincinnati, Ohio): “I
felt really good. Our goal was to come together as a team, and for me
to run the first leg, get our team out there and pass the baton to
Allyson. We’re happy, we’re excited and we’re gold medalists. I wasn’t
nervous at all because I knew Sanya would run a really strong leg for
us. She passed the Russian and she kept her composure.”

Monique Henderson (Chula Vista, Calif.): “It’s
an amazing feeling to win a gold medal. It was really touch-and-go
there for a while. Thankfully, Sanya ran a great anchor leg and brought
us back to win the gold.”

“Allyson gave me a great
lead and I was out there to hold it. I held them off the best I could,
but unfortunately the Russian girl went by me at the end. It was great
to see us be able to come back and pull out the win.”

Allyson Felix (Santa Clarita, Calif.): “We
wanted it to end on a high note. We’ve had our ups and downs. We came
out with a new attitude tonight – men and women – and it worked out. We
had confidence in Sanya.”

Men’s 4X400m final

David Neville (Valencia, Calif.):
“I feel pretty good. It’s been a long Olympics and I ran a lot of
races, but we did well. I came out and did my job in the relay. I had
three other great guys to run with, and we have the Olympic record. I
wasn’t trying to relax at all because our goal was to win the gold and
run the best we could. That’s exactly what we did.”

Angelo Taylor (Decatur, Ga.): “It
feels great to win my second gold medal. I couldn’t be any happier. It
doesn’t get any sweeter than this – I’m overjoyed. We definitely went
out there to break the World record. We still came away with the
Olympic record and the win, so we’re real pleased with that.”

ran a great leg. LaShawn gave me a comfortable lead and I just tried to
open it up even more. We have the best 400 runners in the World in the
U.S. and we proved it again tonight. It’s a great combination.”

LaShawn Merritt (Suffolk, Va.): “We
have four of the top quarter-milers in the world. We swept the 400 and
we swept the 400m hurdles. I told Neville that all he had to do was run
his race. This was our first championship with him on a major level. My
first Games with two gold medals, a PR and an Olympic record. You
couldn’t ask for anything better than that.”

wanted to run well for the U.S., and we ended it with an Olympic
record. I came into the Games with something I wanted to do. I did what
I came to do. It’s the Olympic Games. You have to show up. If you don’t
show up all year, this is the time to do it. I showed up and I was

Jeremy Wariner (Waco, Texas): “This
is great. Coming into the relay, we all came together and wanted to run
as a team. We all ran our hardest and ended up getting an Olympic
record. A lot of things happened in this Olympics that we weren’t
expecting. We use that to build on.”

“This was a
great way to finish the Olympics. It could have been a World record
with a close race, but we all ran comfortable out there.”

Women’s high jump final

Chaunte Howard (Snellville, Ga.): “I
think that there’s more to the Olympics than just winning medals. I
think it’s about friendship, working hard and doing your best. That’s
what I came out here to do today.”

Men’s 5,000m final

Bernard Lagat (Tucson, Ariz.): “They
ran a tough race today. My body didn’t respond. I went there with one
mindset. I wanted to stay up with the leaders. But I couldn’t go. I got
slower and slower. I developed a virus infection in my throat. During
the race, my throat was burning like crazy.”

Matt Tegenkamp (Madison, Wisc.): “I
just didn’t have it tonight. I have a lot of work to do and I know I
need to get stronger. I need to figure out how to stay relaxed and stay
with the leaders in the most important part of the race.”

Women’s 1,500m final

Shannon Rowbury (San Francisco): “It’s
hard to explain, but sometimes when you want to go, it’s just not
there. I tried to stay with them as much as I could. I was trying to go
with them, but I didn’t have my legs today.”

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