NER Pub Series 2008 Men’s Standings After 5 of 6 Races

How’s this for back-to-back Pub scenarios. Residence in the Oktoberfest Beer Garden at the Hartford Marathon on Saturday and then the sun splashed back deck of the Lasting Room Pub (or Icky’s Pub & Grill as RD Dave LaBrode likes to call it) on Sunday. Yee-ha!

Hats off to 50 year-old wunderkind Craig Fram on his win. He’s taken enough $ from us at Mt. Washington that it’s a relief he’s not on the Pub Series circuit. But hard working, blue collar, lunch pail CSU posterboy and MIT braniac Terry McNatt is, and to Lee Danforth’s dismay, he’s unstoppable.

Derek Dorval moved to within a point of third-placer Mike McGrane who, coincidentally, ran 1:15 at the BAA Half before heading to Haverhill.

We thought the eye faucets had dried up after Paul Hammond went on Injured Reserve this year, but now compatriot Chris Spinney is on crutches with a stress fracture to his femur. Both he and Hammond were on hand for the festivities, but hors de combat. Chris retires in 6th place among Open runners with 145 points and as 3rd Master with 21 points.

This effects the Masters standings as Jimmy Fallon ran “lame‰âÂVbCrLf and has now been tied for Masters supremacy (when the top 3 40+ move to Open for the $ awards) by CT’s John Tolbert. Whooee! And less than a week from Paddy’s. How hurtin’ was Fallon? Yours truly passed him on the 5th mile downhill like a cement mixer passing a sputtering Ferrari. Of course the cement mixer was then repassed because excess weight only works on the downhills.

The fact that Veteran dynamo Gordon McFarland was running 1:22:03 for a new 60+ age group record at the BAA Half brought the always dangerous Iron Joe Drugan within a point of Gord. “I think I can get him at Paddy’s,‰âÂVbCrLf offered Joe. “It’ll take him more than a week to recover from a hard half, right? Right?‰âÂVbCrLf Well, we’ll see during the Grand Finale at windy and cold Paddy’s (drop by NER’s tent, we’ll be selling gloves, redeemable in beer money after the race).

Also, congrats to little mentioned Ben Nosek and Mit Gnivri (aka Tim Irving) on a great late season surge to move up the points standings after Bobby Bell. Also, to Waltham’s Jack Murphy (Emer O’Donaghue’s plumber) who cracked the standings for the first time this year with 5 big ones.

NER Pub Series 2008 Men’s Standings After 5 of 6 Races

Open Men (Top 50 Score)

1. Terry McNatt‰âÂå_‰âÂå_‰âÂå_‰âÂå_‰âÂå_‰âÂå_.236
2. Lee Danforth‰âÂå_‰âÂå_‰âÂå_‰âÂå_‰âÂå_‰âÂå_..226
3. Michael McGrane‰âÂå_‰âÂå_‰âÂå_‰âÂå_..211
4. Derek Dorval‰âÂå_‰âÂå_‰âÂå_‰âÂå_‰âÂå_…..200
5. Chris Smith‰âÂå_‰âÂå_‰âÂå_‰âÂå_‰âÂå_‰âÂå_…191
6. John Noland‰âÂå_‰âÂå_‰âÂå_‰âÂå_‰âÂå_‰âÂå_..181
7. Jim Sullivan‰âÂå_‰âÂå_‰âÂå_‰âÂå_‰âÂå_‰âÂå_..157
8. John Tolbert‰âÂå_‰âÂå_‰âÂå_‰âÂå_‰âÂå_‰âÂå_148
9. Dave Wessman‰âÂå_‰âÂå_‰âÂå_‰âÂå_…140
10. Jimmy Fallon‰âÂå_‰âÂå_‰âÂå_‰âÂå_‰âÂå_111
11. Gordon McFarland‰âÂå_‰âÂå_‰âÂå_..103
12. Paul Corcoran‰âÂå_‰âÂå_‰âÂå_‰âÂå_‰âÂå_..77
13. Nikhil Jain‰âÂå_‰âÂå_‰âÂå_‰âÂå_‰âÂå_‰âÂå_‰âÂå_67
14. Frank Hope‰âÂå_‰âÂå_‰âÂå_‰âÂå_‰âÂå_‰âÂå_…61
15. Chris Crema‰âÂå_‰âÂå_‰âÂå_‰âÂå_‰âÂå_‰âÂå_.59
16. Iron Joe Drugan‰âÂå_‰âÂå_‰âÂå_‰âÂå_‰âÂå_31
17. Ben Nosek ‰âÂå_‰âÂå_‰âÂå_‰âÂå_‰âÂå_‰âÂå_‰âÂå_25
18. John Winters‰âÂå_‰âÂå_‰âÂå_‰âÂå_‰âÂå_‰âÂå_.23
19. Mit Gnivri‰âÂå_‰âÂå_‰âÂå_‰âÂå_‰âÂå_‰âÂå_‰âÂå_..20
20. Duke Hutchinson‰âÂå_‰âÂå_‰âÂå_‰âÂå_..14
20. Jim McLaughlin‰âÂå_‰âÂå_‰âÂå_‰âÂå_‰âÂå_.10
21. Jack Murphy ‰âÂå_‰âÂå_‰âÂå_‰âÂå_‰âÂå_‰âÂå_..5
22. Dave Pember ‰âÂå_‰âÂå_‰âÂå_‰âÂå_‰âÂå_‰âÂå_2

Masters (Top 10 Score)

1. Terry McNatt‰âÂå_‰âÂå_‰âÂå_‰âÂå_‰âÂå_‰âÂå_‰âÂå_48
2. John Noland‰âÂå_‰âÂå_‰âÂå_‰âÂå_‰âÂå_‰âÂå_‰âÂå_.32
3. Chris Smith‰âÂå_‰âÂå_‰âÂå_‰âÂå_‰âÂå_‰âÂå_‰âÂå_..28
4. Jimmy Fallon‰âÂå_‰âÂå_‰âÂå_‰âÂå_‰âÂå_‰âÂå_…16
4. John Tolbert‰âÂå_‰âÂå_‰âÂå_‰âÂå_‰âÂå_‰âÂå_‰âÂå_.16
5. Jim Sullivan‰âÂå_‰âÂå_‰âÂå_‰âÂå_‰âÂå_‰âÂå_‰âÂå_..13

Seniors (Top 8 Score)

1. Dave Wessman‰âÂå_‰âÂå_‰âÂå_‰âÂå_‰âÂå_.34
2. Paul Corcoran‰âÂå_‰âÂå_‰âÂå_‰âÂå_‰âÂå_…18
3. John Winters‰âÂå_‰âÂå_‰âÂå_‰âÂå_‰âÂå_‰âÂå_..8
4. Jim McLaughlin‰âÂå_‰âÂå_‰âÂå_‰âÂå_‰âÂå_4
5. Tom Foltz‰âÂå_‰âÂå_‰âÂå_‰âÂå_‰âÂå_‰âÂå_‰âÂå_..2

Veterans (Top 6 Score)

1. Gordon MacFarland‰âÂå_‰âÂå_‰âÂå_..23
2. Iron Joe Drugan‰âÂå_‰âÂå_‰âÂå_‰âÂå_‰âÂå_.22
3. Duke Hutchinson‰âÂå_‰âÂå_‰âÂå_‰âÂå_..14
4. Dave Pember‰âÂå_‰âÂå_‰âÂå_‰âÂå_‰âÂå_‰âÂå_.13
5. Charlie Farrington‰âÂå_‰âÂå_‰âÂå_‰âÂå_3
5. Joe Brown‰âÂå_‰âÂå_‰âÂå_‰âÂå_‰âÂå_‰âÂå_‰âÂå_.3

Super Vets 70+ (Top 4 Score)

1. Bob Hillman‰âÂå_‰âÂå_‰âÂå_‰âÂå_‰âÂå_‰âÂå_…6
2. Tom Wright‰âÂå_‰âÂå_‰âÂå_‰âÂå_‰âÂå_‰âÂå_‰âÂå_4

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