NER Pub Series 2008 Women’s Standings After 5 of 6 Races

It was a beautiful sun splashed day at the Lasting Room Pub & Grill hard by the Merrimac River, and what wasn’t there to like about the Lasting Room’s outside upper deck facing the river. Suh-weet!

Congrats to Reebok profiler and styler Mara Lappin on her first Series win. Mara has now leapfrogged 60s wunderkind Patty Foltz into third and will forever kick herself for missing Pat Polletta as she resides just 27 points behind Team Fabulous ace Melanie Hire (who placed second).

Both Pub Series queen Mimi Fallon and the aforementioned Ms. Foltz sandbagged it a bit on the hardscrabble streets of Haverhill, but for good reason. The following day Patty smoked the 60+ division at the Tufts 10K US Women’s Championship, and Mimi placed third in the 40+ division (or second if you remove recent 50+ US 5K record holder Joan Samuelson).

The season long tug-of-war between Christine Bradley and Ana Hubert may have been blown asunder by Christine’s 7th place showing. Ana has to be ailing as she failed to score while Christine moved out of a 6th place tie with Buddy’s better half to forge ahead by 44 points.

All of this puts Somerville sudser Carol Lahiff in the Masters driver’s seat (with Christine 2nd as the top 40+ move into the $ in the Open division). CSU’s Catherine Farrell is certainly wishing Ms. Foltz the best of luck at the Bay State Marathon the same day as Paddy’s. With a no-show by Patty, Catherine jumps right back into the top Vets spot.

Also, congrats to Mary Doran on a fine late-season race as she moves into 9th overall while garnering points in the stacked (Freudian slip) Masters field for the first time.

Less than a week until the Grand Finale at Paddy’s where you’ll want to bring plenty of cash for all the swag being proffered at the NER tent. The holiday season is right around the corner. See you on Sunday, the 19th!

NER Pub Series Women’s Race After 5 of 6 Races

Women Open (Top 50 Score)

1. Mimi Fallon                          243
2. Melanie Hire                         205
3. Mara Lappin                         178
4. Patty Foltz, VT                     169
5. Sue Kenney                          153
6. Christine Bradley                 147
7. Ana Hubert                           103
8. Carol Lahiff                          129
9. Mary Doran                          100
10. Catherine Farrell                 94
11. Laura Scott                          87
12. Sue Maslowski                    83
13. Marianne Withington          54
14. Michelle Colman                 44
15. Laura Scott                          34
16. Annmarie Gaebel                30
17. Kat Callard                         20
18. Laurie Anglin                     14
19. Alison Hope                        4
20. Shelley Esposito                  4

Masters (Top 10 Score)

1. Mimi Fallon                           48
2. Melanie Hire                         35
3. Carol Lahiff                           23
4. Christine Bradley                  17
5. Ana Hubert                            11
6. Mary Doran                           5

Seniors (Top 8 Score)

1 Sue Kenney                            32
3 Sue Maslowski, NH               22
5 Marianne Withington             9
4 Michelle Colman                   3
5 Laurie Anglin                        1

Veterans (Top 6 Score)

1 Patty Foltz,VT                       29
2 Catherine Farrell                   25
3 Mary Tyler                             6

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