Bobby Bell Results Glitch Roils Pub Series, Buddy Hubert Involved

From Bobby Bell RD Dave “Icky‰âÁ” LaBrode

“This was Ana’s REAL time. There were a couple of screw ups. Buddy Hubert ran with Ana’s number while somehow Ana wound up with some else’s number.”

29   7/25   ANA HUBERT            F    42 MELROSE MA          33:06.1 37:36.9

Previously posted on NER: The season long tug-of-war between Christine Bradley and Ana Hubert may have been blown asunder by Christine’s 7th place showing. Ana has to be ailing as she failed to score while Christine moved out of a 6th place tie with Buddy’s better half to forge ahead by 44 points.

So the season-long struggle is back on, tho at 37:36 (real time), Ana came in three places behind Christine and, hence, is now three points back of Ms. Bradley approaching the coup de grace event of the Pub Series Racing season.

JACKET ALERT: If Paddy’s is your 6th Pub Series race, drop off your jacket size at the NER tent directly across from Paddy’s. If you’re reading this tell your 6-for-6 compatriots who might not be “aware.” Last year we had to wait an extra week for stragglers, got the jackets a week late, had the party a week late and ended up in a blizzard the night of Doyle’s. You can also e-mail Michelle at

 NER Pub Series Women’s Race After 5 of 6 Races

Women Open (Top 50 Score)

1. Mimi Fallon                          243
2. Melanie Hire                         205
3. Mara Lappin                         178
4. Patty Foltz, VT                     169
5. Sue Kenney                          153
6. Christine Bradley                 147
7. Ana Hubert                           143
8. Carol Lahiff                          129
9. Mary Doran                          100
10. Catherine Farrell                 94
11. Sue Maslowski                    83
12. Marianne Withington          54
13. Michelle Colman                 44
14. Laura Scott                          34
15. Annmarie Gaebel                30
16. Kat Callard                         20
17. Laurie Anglin                     14
18. Alison Hope                        4
19. Shelley Esposito                  4

Masters (Top 10 Score)

1. Mimi Fallon                           48
2. Melanie Hire                         35
3. Carol Lahiff                           23
4. Christine Bradley                  17
5. Ana Hubert                            11
6. Mary Doran                           5

Seniors (Top 8 Score)

1 Sue Kenney                            32
3 Sue Maslowski, NH               22
5 Marianne Withington             9
4 Michelle Colman                   3
5 Laurie Anglin                        1

Veterans (Top 6 Score)

1 Patty Foltz,VT                       29
2 Catherine Farrell                   25
3 Mary Tyler                             6

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