Final Tally of Publicans for 2008 Race Series

Congratulations to the 65 runners who completed all six NER Pub Series races and will be receiving a jacket, from Reebok.

If we currently don’t have your size please email it to us at the address below.

The wrap-up/awards party will be in early December at Doyles in Jamaica Plain. Invites will be sent in late November.
Hope everyone had a great racing season!!!!

Click here for men’s final standings

Click here for women’s final standings

As always if your name does not appear here, please email us at


Terry McNatt    
Lee Danforth    
Michael McGrane        
Derek Dorval    
Christopher Smith    
Jim Sullivan    
David Wessman    
John Tolbert
 Jimmy Fallon    
Frank Hope    
Nikhil Jain        
Joe Drugan        
Duke Hutchinson    
Benjamin Nosek                      
David Pember    
Mit Gnivri    
Tom Foltz    
Peter Fopiano    
Jack Murphy    
David La Brode    
Charlie Farrington    
Steve Baranowski    
Joseph Brown    
John Fahlman    
David Kelly        
 Dick Doran        
Don Hendrick    
Thomas Paradis    
Steve O’Neil    
Jim Sweeney    
Dick Nickerson    
Tom Wright    
Andrew Fintzel    
Richard Collette    
Robert Laundry    
Buddy Hubert    
Brian Kenney    
Phil Dinsky                
Ed Chavez


Mimi Fallon    
Melanie Hire    
Patty Foltz    
Susan Kenney    
Ana Hubert        
Christine Bradley        
Laura Scott        
Marianne Withington                                                                                                            
Catherine Farrell        
Mary Ellen Doran        
Michelle Colman                                                                                                          
Laurie Anglin    
Allison Hope    
Sue Maslowski    
Shelley Esposito    
Katie Mahoney    
 Annie Gaebel                 
Kate Maslowski    
Cat Cargill    
Robin Shor    
Christine Bartlett                 
Samantha Burgess     
Nancy Chabot    
Monica Jurs    
Michelle Almeida        
Sandra DeBow

Five Events
Jim McLaughlin    
John Noland
Gordon MacFarland    
Paul Corcoran
Malcolm Smith    
Bob Hillman                       
John Winters    
Mary Tyler
Mara Lappin
Myles Wilson    
Edward Dowling    

Four Events
Chris Spinney    
Christopher Crema
Ally Maslowski    
Ken Warren

Click here for men’s final standings

Click here for women’s final standings

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