NER 2008 Pub Series XI Final Women’s Standings

The morning chill and brisk wind outside Paddy’s gave way to pleasant racing weather by the 11:30 am start of the Shillelagh Shuffle 3-Miler (although the wind remained, forcing the dismantling of the start area balloon arch). Those who survived the “frost upon the pumpkin‰âÂVbCrLf morning activities (volunteers, timing crew, vendors, the 4th Estate) were able to warm up nicely with a flat, fast and certified 3M scamper around Newton’s tony foliage-festooned suburban byways.

2005 Pub Series Queen Mimi Fallon needed only a top-38 finish to take the tiara, but sealed the deal in 17:39 for third at Paddy’s behind BAA teammate Brett Ely (recorded as a man in the Results – how dare they? – good thing the emcee was on his game) and course record holder Kathy Fleming who ran 17-flat.

Team Fabulous flash Melanie Hire improved dramatically from her ’07 debut to clinch the runner-up position with unofficial Reebok personality and recent HFC convert Mara Lappin forging bronze. (The Open payout goes $150, $125, $100, $75, $50 & $50 to 1st in the age groups with swag for 2-3.)

Emerging superstar Christine Bradley has put the unnerving ‰âÂèÏBuddy Hubert’ Bobby Bell controversy behind her while continuing to whiz up the leader board, leaving Ana Hubert in her wake and overtaking Sue Kenney for 4th overall. Sue accomplishes a first as the only Senior to ever bump down into the Open top 5.

This rarity would have been even more rare if 4th placer Patty Foltz (age 60) had scored at Paddy’s. Ironically, Patty ends up tied for 6th overall with Ana Hubert and second 60+ to three-peat Veteran’s champ ‰âÂèÏclassy’ Catherine Farrell of CSU with Team Tyler’s Mary Tyler collecting third.

But wait – in a stirring show of frothy brew bravado, Tom and Patty Foltz arrived at Paddy’s after running the Bay State Marathon that started at 8:30 am. With paid Bib Numbers intact the duo set off on the course led by women’s champ Mimi Fallon (making us think they may have run 5 miles).
Regardless, a cell phone call to a revved up Team Fabulous contingent, had the crew piling out of Paddy’s and sloshing the final half-mile of the course with our heroes.

Considering Sue Maslowski introduced daughters Kate and Ali to the Pub Series in ’07 (and thus was born Team Fabulous), it’s only fitting that ‰âÂèÏMom’ benefit from Sue Kenney’s departure from the Senior division‰âÂå_and she does, moving into the numero uno slot, with a silver but no bronze recipient.

In a controversy almost as distressing as Bobby Bell’s l’affaire Buddy, 30-something imposters Michelle Colman and Laurie Anglin have been removed from the standings (of course it was all NER’s doing, so sorry ladies, let’s move on).

Martini motivated Publican loyalist Marianne Withington is the worthy recipient of the silver chalice.

We are, at this moment, charting weather patterns to avoid last year’s Doyle’s Award Night rush-hour blizzard. Stay tuned. Thanks to all for a great 11th season of the Pub Series. The 12th annual line-up should be available in early ’09. Keep fit and we’ll see you down the road.

NER 2008 Pub Series Women’s Final Standings (After 6 of 6 Races)

Women Open (Top 50 Score)

1. Mimi Fallon                         291
2. Melanie Hire                        240
3. Mara Lappin                         219
4. Christine Bradley                 174
5. Sue Kenney                          173
6. Patty Foltz, VT                     169
6. Ana Hubert                           169
8. Carol Lahiff                          160
9. Mary Doran                          100
10. Catherine Farrell                 94
11. Sue Maslowski                    83
12. Marianne Withington          54
13. Michelle Colman                 44
14. Laura Scott                          34
15. Annmarie Gaebel                30
16. Kat Callard                         20
17. Laurie Anglin                     14
18. Alison Hope                        4
19. Shelley Esposito                  4

Masters (Top 10 Score)

1. Mimi Fallon                          58
2. Melanie Hire                         44
3. Carol Lahiff                          30
4. Christine Bradley                  22
5. Ana Hubert                            15
6. Mary Doran                           5

Seniors (Top 8 Score)

1. Sue Kenney                            37
2. Sue Maslowski, NH               26
3. Marianne Withington             9

Veterans (Top 6 Score)

1. Catherine Farrell                   31
2. Patty Foltz,VT                       29
3. Mary Tyler                             11

men’s final standings

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