Kim Smith Ready for Strong Debut in New York

The Battle for the Women’s WMM Title Heats Up
a women’s field described by race director Mary Wittenberg as, “The
best we have ever assembled,‰âÂVbCrLf goes to the start line on Sunday for the
ING New York City Marathon, the stakes for Ethiopia’s Gete Wami will be
almost four times higher than for any other athlete.
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Kim Smith Ready for Strong Debut at ING New York City Marathon

a week’s rest following the Beijing Olympics and no races since, New
Zealander Kim Smith, holder of seven national records, is rejuvenated
and ready for her marathon debut Sunday. Smith finished ninth in the
10,000 meters at the Olympics in August. She told reporters she worried
that pain in her leg may have contributed to her underperforming, and
she therefore took a short break to recover.
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Daily Quotes

Leading Women: Gete Wami, Catherine Ndereba, Dire Tune, Kim Smith, Rita Jeptoo and Abebe Bikila recipient Lornah Kiplagat:

[Gete Wami, inaugural World Marathon Majors champion] “New York holds a very special place for me. Of course, I’ve enjoyed
all of the marathons that I’ve run in which I’ve done well, but New
York is very special for me because this is the first time that the
World Marathon Majors was decided here and I was the first winner of
that, and it holds therefore a very special place for me.‰âÂVbCrLf

[Lornah Kiplagat] “I’ve won so many road races and what I’ve reached, it was also
necessary to reach back at home‰âÂå_ and that’s why I started the High
Altitude Training Camp and later on the Lornah Kiplagat Foundation,
which is focusing on academics. The reason why I chose academic is that
when the people are educated, we don’t have to help them in the future.‰âÂVbCrLf

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Roundtable interview with Kim Smith:

[Kim Smith, seven-time New Zealand record holder; making her marathon debut] “It’s a bit daunting, but I’ve trained hard and I feel like-my coach
feels like I’ve trained well. I guess I’m just going to see how it
goes. You don’t ever know in a marathon.‰âÂVbCrLf
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Roundtable interview with Catherine Ndereba:

[Catherine Ndereba, Beijing Olympic marathon silver medalist] “I’ve won all the other races in the United States, but it is only in
New York I have not been able to win. But hopefully one day I will be
able to win.‰âÂVbCrLf

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No. 2 NYRR Great Moment:

[Grete Waitz, nine-time New york City Marathon champion] “It was a very emotional race. I’m so happy that I did it. I know that
Fred really wanted me to win ten New York City Marathons. I only did
nine (laughter). But I say that that race with Fred makes up for the
tenth that I never won.‰âÂVbCrLf

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Fun Facts

get members of the media better acquainted with the more than 39,000
runners expected at the ING New York City Marathon 2008, we will
provide some fun facts about the field.

Countries (outside of the USA) with the most runners:

  1. Great Britain   3,746
  2. Italy                   3,518
  3. France              2,976
  4. Germany          2,870
  5. Netherlands    1,934

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