USATF Enacts Restructuring Measures

RENO, Nevada -The membership of USA Track & Field on
Wednesday night overwhelmingly voted to approve a set of bylaw changes
that will significantly alter the size and makeup of its board of
directors, while increasing the accountability and professionalism of
the organization.

Unanimously approved by the
USATF Board of Directors at its October meeting in Indianapolis, the
bylaw changes were formally presented to membership for a vote at
Wednesday evening’s Opening General Session of USATF’s 2008 Annual
Meeting. The changes were approved by a voice vote of membership in
which “ayes” heavily outweighed a handful of “nays”, more than
providing the necessary two-thirds majority to approve.

was a historic vote, culminating reorganization efforts that had their
roots as far back as the mid-1980s” said USATF Bill Roe. “It is about
improving the organization. Our own board, the group that will be
remade by this legislation – the group that will remove most of itself
with these changes – recognized this fact. They put their own
self-interest aside to act in the interest of the sport. I congratulate
our membership on making these extraordinary changes final.”

our membership did this evening has given us the tools to reinvent
USATF, becoming more responsible, responsive and professional,” said
USATF CEO Doug Logan. Taking the podium moments after the vote to
approve the measures, he quipped, “Somebody told me this organization
was dysfunctional. It looks pretty functional to me.”

Key components of the bylaw changes are as follows:


The USATF Board will be reduced in size from 31 to 15 members. Included
in those 15 seats are USATF’s elected president; seats nominated by
each of six USATF Divisions: High Performance, Long Distance Running,
General Competition, Youth, Coaches and Officials groups; three seats
for athletes; three “independent” seats; one seat for “5E”
organizations (groups such as the NCAA, NAIA and others); and one seat
for USATF’s IAAF Council member. Under the proposal, the new Board
would be in place in coming months.

* The
Board will elect its own Chair. If the USATF President is not elected
as Chair, the President will be named Vice Chair. This gives the Board
the authority to elect its own leader while ensuring the continuation
of a popularly elected President to represent the interests of USATF’s
volunteer sector. The President will preside over the Annual Meeting
and non-board committees, leading a Volunteer Leadership Group in
addition to sitting on the Board.

* Each of
USATF’s constituent groups with a nominated seat on the Board will
provide the Board with three names as potential candidates for their
respective seat. A Nominating and Governance Panel, which also will
select and/or recruit the Independent Board Members, will choose the
Board members from among the three names listed for each Board seat.
This process will ensure the overall diversity, gender equity and
competence of the Board.

* Committees will continue to select their own Chairs, with the Board providing final approval of all Chair positions.

* In accordance with a Board directive established over the summer, a Youth Division is being created.


USATF’s High Performance Plan (HPP), as developed by the High
Performance Committee, will be implemented by USATF staff accountable
to the CEO.

*National Team Staffs will be
submitted by the relevant selection committees to the CEO, who
following a review will forward to the Board for approval. Once
approved, the staff will be accountable to the CEO.

Championship site selection will be supervised by the National Office
in conjunction with the relevant sport committee.

*The Board will continue to approve USATF’s annual budget. The CEO will be responsible for all financial disbursements.

For the complete list of updated bylaws, visit

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