Elite Line-up for US Nat’l Masters 13.1 Championship on Feb. 8

Melbourne & Beaches Music Marathon & å_ Marathon
February 8, 2009

Entered Masters Elites for USATF å_ Marathon Masters National Championship

Male Master Elites

Bill Riley, 72, of Centerville, Mass. 
Estimated finish time:  1:33
Personal Record:  1:31

David Oliver, 52, of Westborough, Mass.
Estimated finish time:  1:16:15
Personal record:  1:16:04

Bill Rodgers, 61, of Boxboxo, Mass.
4-time winner of Boston Marathon and 4-time winner of NYC Marathon
Estimated finish time:  1:36
Personal Record:  1:03

Tracy Lokken, 43, of Marquette, Michigan
Estimated finish time:  under 1:10
Personal Record:  1:09

Daniel Boyle, 45, of Manhattan, Kansas
Estimated Finish time:  1:11:40
Personal Record:  1:10:43

Robin Rogers, 40, of Marietta, Georgia
Estimated finish time:  1:12
Personal record: 1:06

John Piggott, 43, of Williamsburg, Va.
Estimated Finish time:  1:13
Personal record:  1:12:45

Greg Meyer, 53, of Belmont, Michigan
Winner of 1983 Boston Marathon and has set 10 American Road Racing records and two world records (15-k and 10-mile). Last American male winner of Boston Marathon.  Current American 10-mile distance record holder.
Estimated finish time:  1:30
Personal record: 1:03:05

Paul Aufdemberge, 44, of Redford, Michigan
Estimated finish time:  1:08
Personal record:  1:06:54

Jeff Magallanes, 45, of Seaside, California
Estimated finish time:  1:13:59
Personal record:  1:14:58

Jim Derick, 43, of Big Flats, NY
Estimated finish time:  1:10:30
Personal record:  1:08

Carl Rundell, 40, of Birmingham, Michigan
Estimated finish time:  1:06:30
Personal record:  1:07:56


Jody Hawkins, 42, of Frisco, Texas
Multiple-time national champion of several distances
Estimated finish time:  1:17:00
Personal record: 1:11:47

Marybeth Reader, 40, of Bloomfield, Michigan
Estimated finish time:  1:18
Personal record: 1:22

Lori Kingsley, 42, of Wysox, Pennsylvania
Estimated finish time:  1:19
Personal record:  1:22

Linda Barnhard, 45, of Omaha, Nebraska
Estimated finish time:  1:25
Personal record:  1:30

Colleen De Reuck, 44, of Boulder, Colorado
4-time Olympian athlete
Estimated finish time:  1:13:20
Personal record:  1:08:38

as of January 21, 2009

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