Win A Comped Entry To Pub Series Race No. 4

Publicans – Win A Comped Entry to the Squantum 5M – Race No. 4 in the NER Pub Series –  on June 18.

To contest amongst a rabid field, answer the following correctly:

Squantum 5M Race Director JJ Larner used to bartend at the internationally renowned Eliot Lounge. What widely recognized “goodwill ambassador” to the sport also pulled the sticks at the Eliot?

Send your answer to NER by Friday, April 24, 2009.

Winners will be notified and will be announced in the next e-newsletter.

Last contest’s winners for a comp to the Irish Village 5M on May 9 were Kathy Pagganis and Zeke Johnston, who correctly answered “Emerald Necklace” to the question: Internationally renowned watering hole, Doyle’s Cafe, site of our next race and “Cornerstone of the New England Runner Pub Series,” features a 5-Mile certified course that mainly runs though Franklin Park ‰ÛÓ which is part of what famous Boston Park system?

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