Pub Pandemic Hits Series, Irish Village Ground Zero

CSU’s Terry McNatt ran 2:58:29 to finish right behind Lee Danforth at Boston. How could we have missed our hero?  We also don’t have any photos of Terry from Boston which is almost impossible as he shows up in photos at every race we cover. We have amended the article below – Terry is no longer moving like a threshing machine through the field at Irish Village.

It’s not often that there’s a Pub Series race less than three weeks after the Boston Marathon but there is this year‰ÛÓthe Nor’easter plagued Irish Village 5M on Saturday, May 9‰ÛÓand the weather keeps looking better.

Nine days out, the forecast was for 82 degrees and thundershowers; today (Tue., 4 days out) it’s low 60s with a 30% chance of showers. That’s tropical paradise for anyone who’s experienced the last three outings to the aptly named Irish Village section of S. Yarmouth.

So with scant rain to hide the tears here’s who should be hurtin’ for certain and how it could effect the Pub Series Leaderboard.

ON THE WOMEN’S SIDE, co-leaders Lara Johnson (2:58:33) and Mimi Fallon (3:10:17) are both recouping from Boston and after going 1-1 in the first two Pub stops, share 98 points. Six points below is Sarah Healy (nee Dupree) an accomplished track & cross country runner working back into form.

Sarah was less than a minute behind the two co-leaders at Doyle’s and both time and fresher legs are on her side. Former Yale runner Meredith Leenhouts has 85 points and should gain but the race usually doesn’t have any female spoilers from the Cape who’ll displace points. Marge Bellisle is two points back of Leenhouts and Liane Pancoast and Melanie Hire are also in the top ten and non-fatigued from Boston.

NER’s Prediction: Healy could win but without a lot of help will gain just a point or two, unless Fallon or Johnson pull a Teague (sorry Chris) and have the wheels come completely off. The tie will die, but either Johnson or Fallon will still be in the driver’s seat.

Veteran’s leader Patty Foltz of Stowe, VT also ran Boston (3:39:08) but after running the Bay State Marathon last year, she ran the Paddy’s course the same day and then ran a leg of the Cape Cod Marathon Relay for the winning Fitzy’s Frisky Feline squad a week later. Patty is a rock and should retain supremacy. (Comments, if any, at bottom of page).

ON THE MEN’S SIDE: Teague alert! Teague alert! Pub leader Joe Navas ran a whale of a Boston in 2:35:19 and he’ll be on home turf – but he did run Boston, as did four of the top six men. Down just 3 points and a cumulative 23 seconds to Navas (8-seconds at Doyle’s), the time is now for the fresh-as-foam Liverpool Lightning rod.

Also champin’ at the bit is Rochester, NY transplant Corey Fehnel, who’ s just 5 points behind Navas and 2 points behind Teague. Fast Fehnel is rested and ready. The next three slots on the leaderboard are Boston 113 veterans: Lee Danforth in his (real) debut at 2:58:07; adidas point man Mike McGrane in 2:44:06 and Andrew Holmes in 2:50:59. Lying in wait in 7th is steady Terry McNatt (2:58:29).

NER’s Prediction: Navas could, maybe, possibly win –  but after a close race with Teague and Fehnel (10 seconds back) at Doyle’s, you wouldn’t want to bet on it. If Teague were to win and Fehnel place second with Navas third, the Brit would still be one point behind.

If Navas were to place 4th or worse, there’s a good possibility of a lead change. Defending champion Terry McNatt is lying in wait in 7th and should move like a thresher through the marathon crowd (NOT). Also, unlike the women’s field, there is the very real possibility (ala years past) that “Women Running Wild” RD Sean Doherty or Yarmouthport speedster Geof Newton could jump in and throw a wrench into the final standings.

All said and done, we think Teague and Mr. Fehnel will have full wind in their sails and go 1-2 either way. If we find out that Teague was out with Saucony mate Mahoney the night before, all bets are off and it’s Fehnel by a Cape mile. If Navas can place top 3-4 he’s A-OK no matter. Regardless, things will tighten up. (Comments, if any, at bottom of page).

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