US Athlete Quotes from adidas Track Classic

2009 adidas Track Classic

(overall winners)

Ian Waltz, men’s discus winner
just happy to be healthy. Last year at the (Olympic) Trials I tore my
adductor muscle in my stomach. I’m finally throwing pain free.
I feel like I’m a month or two behind where I need to be but that’s okay because World’s are in August.
No matter which meet it is, it’s about winning no matter what the distance.
Hazel Clark, women’s 800m winner
I wasn’t really happy with the beginning. I kept my composure and held on at the end. I think my coach will be happy.
Every week I want to get faster and stronger and get ready for nationals.
It wasn’t really a smart race or a clean race.
I stopped setting goals for Worlds and the Olympics. I found it was just so much pressure. 
Kerron Clement – men’s 400m hurdles winner
really happy to come out and compete against the top guys like Angelo
(Taylor) and James Carter. I just stayed focused on myself and came up
with the win.
 I knew something was wrong after the 7th hurdle.
I just took it regardless. I was a 110 hurdler so I know how to adjust.
I just didn’t let it affect me at all.
Natasha Hastings – women’s 400m winner
I’m used to running out hard. I got out pretty good.
Once I came off the final turn. I gave it all I had.
It makes me feel good that I can run well with one shoe and then run well with both shoes on this week.
Dawn Harper – women’s 100m hurdle winner
restarted it seemed like 3 times, so I had to get refocused. My start
was okay. I thought I was flat a couple in the middle.  I knew I had to
leave it all on the line at the end with Perdita (Felicien) and that’s
what I did.
The time may not show it, but I’m ready for strong competition.
Terrence Trammell – men’s 110m hurdles winner
I’m happy with the win. I feel good. I’m looking to do some big things. Things are working out really well.
Carmelita Jeter – women’s 100m winner
race was a little scary with so many false starts and someone getting
kicked out of the race. My coach and I have been working on coming back
and keeping my composure. I’m usually the one that lays back in the
blocks. This time I didn’t do that.
Dwight Phillips – men’s long jump winner
satisfied with the win today. I wanted to do a lot better. I already
have the world leading jump but it was a little windy out here. I am
coming out to redeem myself and win the World Championships.
Darvis Patton – men’s 100m winner
was happy to come out and win against this great competition. Beating
the Olympic silver medalist is always good, but the whole field was
strong. Coming out with a victory is always good. It’s a good indicator
and a confidence booster.
Bernard Lagat – men’s 1,500m winner
I am really pleased with winning.
was feeling good all the way. Even at the bell I wanted to go. So I had
to wait, wait, wait. So I went at about 150 and it worked out.
LaShawn Merritt – men’s 200m winner
the race my calf was cramping a little bit. I didn’t get out as hard
because of it. It was a little sluggish. I was just going to build into
it. I came off the curve and had the strength to hold.
I’ve been doing some speed work during the winter. I just wanted to test it out. It felt good.
Allyson Felix – women’s 200m winner
just pleased to get out there and have a good performance. I had hoped
it would be a little faster than it was. I always try to run home
It’s really special to run here. This is the only time many of my family members will get to see me run.
Jenn Stuczinski – women’s pole vault winner
a little disappointed. I should have had 4.93m with the pole I was on.
It’s early.  I love coming to LA and competing at the adidas meet. I’m
looking for a little more consistency. I feel stronger. I’m definitely
a lot stronger. 
Jeremy Wariner – men’s 400m winner
executed better than I should have. Right now I’m just focusing on
every part of the race. I recently got back with my old coach (Clyde
Hart). Coach Ford is a wonderful coach. Experience made the difference.
I went back with Coach Hart.
Anna Willard – women’s steeplechase world
was good today. I was kind of going for a PR. I’m a little
disappointed. I respond to competition a lot more than running out
there by myself. I need someone breathing down my neck.
I did well today, it’s a good opener.

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