Boston Champ Merga Runs Fastest Ever 10K on Canadian Soil

Boston Marathon champion Deriba Merga ran the fastest ever 10K on Canadian soil at the 23rd MDS Nordion 10K in Ottawa, Ontario on Saturday, May 23. Running a scintillating 27:24, Merga erased one of Canada’s oldest course records ‰ÛÓ the 28:12 run by race director John Halvorsen in 1988. Merga’s time was also better than the all-comers record of 27:31 run by Ismail Kirui in Toronto in 1995.

Merga had been aiming for Micah Kogo’s world record of 27:01 set this year in the Netherlands. Orgainizers had offered a Cn $100,000 bonus for the record.

In total, there were over 8,000 finishers, an addition of 700 runners from last year.

The single leg amputee world record of 38:00 was broken by Rick Ball of Orillia, Ontario, in the time of 37:55.

The first woman to cross the finish line was Ethiopian Teyba Erkossa in a time of 31:51. The first Canadian woman to cross was Tara Quinn-Smith from Toronto at 33.39. She was the first of five Canadian women in the top 10 finishers. Her husband Andrew Smith was the first Canadian man to finish. He came in eleventh at 29:24.


   1. Deriba Merga (Ethiopia)          27:24

   2. Boaz Cheboiywo (Kenya)       28:17

   3. Hosea Kibet Rutto (Kenya)      28:21

   4. Worku Beyi (Ethiopia)             28:36

   5. Silas Sang (Kenya)                   28:38

   6. Paul Langat (Kenya)                28:45

   7. Patrick Makau (Kenya)                        38:53

   8. Julius Kiptoo (Kenya)              28:54                         

   9. Samuel Ndereba (Kenya)         29:14

  10. Abderrahime Bouramdane (Morocco) 29:18



   1. Teyba Erkesso (Ethiopia)         31:51

   2. Emebet Bacha (Ethiopia)         32:45

   3. Jane Murage (Kenya)               33:06

   4. Hyvon Ngetich            (Kenya)           33:12

   5. Jane Kibii (Kenya)                   33:34

   6. Tara Quinn-Smith (Canada)     33:39

   7. Kathy Tremblay (Canada)       34:53

   8. Lucy Smith (Canada)               35:12

   9. Lisa Harvey (Canada)              35:57

  10. Paula Wiltse (Canada)              37:24




The Ottawa Race Weekend, Canada’s premier
running festival, combines competition, participation and fundraising to make a
distinctive contribution to the health of the community. The 2008 Ottawa Race
Weekend welcomed more than 32,873 participants in seven races, including the
ING Ottawa Marathon and the MDS Nordion 10K. Run Ottawa, the organization
behind the Ottawa Race Weekend, is run by a volunteer Board of Directors.

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