Entire Squantum 5M Record Book Pub Series Rewrite

For those Pubsters having to curtail work on a Thursday evening, and travel, and do it in the rain, and most likely run in the rain, and then drive home in the rain, Pub stop No. 4 looked like the proper time to bail while still holding onto the “Five to stay Alive” edict.

Despite all that, and despite the seeming backwash from Irish Village trailing the Series like a sodden stalker, a record 371 runners crossed the finish line of the 9th annual Squantum 5M (compared to 169 in 2008).

The rain stopped for the entirety of the race before continuing its staccato beat on the aluminum roof of the post-race structure. Joe Navas is seemingly unstoppable. Chris Teague’s father tried a flying body block and just missed the Cape Cod speedster, who used the adrenaline surge to a post a new course record of 26:08, displacing Jamie Gallagher’s 26:50.

Norwood’s Kevin Gray also dipped under the old mark in 26:39 with Teague third in 27:06. Gray’s displacement gave Navas an additional point to extend his lead over ‘The Pride of Liverpool’ to 6-points. Undeterred, Chris and his dad hung out for a few brews and then moseyed on to Napper Tandy’s in Norwood for a strategy planning session. With a fourth place finish here, Hurtin’ For Certain’s Lee Danforth is now solidly in third on the Leaderboard.

A quick dispatch from Squantum RD JJ Larner: “Worth noting: The formidable field left the course records, in most categories, in tatters. Starting with Joe Navas whose blistering 26:08 set a new course record, breaking the inaugural effort by Jamie Gallagher by some 42 seconds. Kevin Gray’s 2nd place effort of 26:39 also beat the previous record. “

“Chris Teague’s 27:06 was good for 3rd this year, 5th best ever and shattered Bob Collins’s record of 28:08 for the 40 year olds set back in 2003. Lee Danforth with a 27:10, Jason Cakouros with a 27:13 and Andrew Holmes with a 27:16 all cracked the top ten. Holmes’s (6th on the Pub Series Leaderboard) run enabled him to break his own record for Quincy guys. He ran 29 flat in 08.”

“The fastest 50 plus guy ever was this year as well–Kenneth Leinbach ran an impressive 29:07. No records are available for 60 plus but, a 30:23 from Gordon MacFarland was quite impressive.”

“On the ladies side; Sarah Healy’s 29:42 romp is also a course record erasing Emily Raymond’s effort of 30:31 back in 2004. Lara Johnson’s 2nd place showing of 29:50 also surpassed Raymond’s previous mark. Mimi Fallon’s 30:42 landed her 4th all time and gets her the course Master’s (40-49) record besting Juliana Niergold’s effort of 31:40 that also occurred in the inaugural event. Marge Bellisle’s 33:41 shattered the mark for 50+ female.” Thank-you JJ!

NER has been predicting good things for Sarah Healy as the Pub Series marched onward and we got a peek of the Canadian’s latent talent at Squantum. Pub Series leader Lara Johnson put up the good fight, but as she said, Sarah was “just too strong.” Both runners went under Emily Raymond’s women’s record of 30:31. Healy ran 29:42 to gap Johnson by 8-seconds with Mimi Fallon hanging tough for third with Meredith Leenhouts fourth, Marge Bellisle fifth and the surprising Connie Chiueh sixth.

Healy (190 points) gained one point on Johnson (196) and two on Fallon (194). While our ‰Û¢Comeback Kid’ believes the needed points for the laurel wreath may elude her, it may come down to the Series finale at Paddy’s.

If the order of finish for the next two races were to remain the same, the final tally would be Johnson-294, Fallon-290 and Healy-290. Fallon has, however, placed ahead of Johnson previously, and at Paddy’s, Kathy Fleming and other speedsters could jump in…so it’ll be interesting indeed as the trio of BAA Unicorn teammates hit the homestretch (in three months time).

One of New England’s top Seniors, Ken Leinbach thought he had a conflict with the Series, but doesn’t, so now is 2-points ahead of Paul Corcoran and 3-points ahead of 3-time 50+ defending champion Dave Wessman.

At Squantum he lowered the 50+ standard by over two minutes to 29:07. On the female side, Senior superstar Marge Bellisle (currently 5th overall) absolutely poleaxed Barbara Wilson’s record of 38:17 by four minutes 33 seconds (33:44).

In other earth-shattering news, Tom Wright looks like he might be ready to unseat Marshfield Road Runner and Pub Series professor emeritus Dr. Bob Hillman in the 70+ division. Tom has crawled to within one point of the MRR icon.

Lastly, a shout out to the Cape’s Ray Joseph, 11th overall in 27:50 & 7th on the Pub Leaderboard, as well as “First guy to jump off a fishing boat at 3:00pm on Thursday and finish in the top 10 at Squantum.”

Enjoy the summer, the malt & hops tour next touches down on Cape Cod, Sunday, Sept. 13 for the Mighty Meehan 5K with post-race brou-ha-ha at Clancy’s. Men’s Standings Women’s Standings Perfect Publicans & Near Perfect Publicans

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