Table of Contents – July/August ’09


40    Double D’s Bay State Trilogy
Dave Dunham has run in all 351 towns and cities in Massachusetts. Here’s the first of three installments, starting with a tour of Eastern Massachusetts.
by Dave Dunham

46    Fun & Fast‰ÛÓFitzy’s Frisky Felines
It takes a certain joie de vivre to take it to the younger set and then dance the night away. That’s exactly what the all-women, all-50+ winning Cape Cod Relay team almost did in 2006 and 2007 and did decisively (and with panache) in 2008.
by Dr. Cathy Utzschneider

63    Boom Time, Women!
Look who’s running the sport! How did it happen so quickly? What were the rules before Title IX? From the ‰Û¢Dark Ages’ to the ‰Û¢Age of Enlightment’ as chronicled by one of the women sports movement’s true pioneers.
by Kathrine Switzer

68    Running Along With Mae
Mae Connolly began running by accident. This April she completed her seventh Boston Marathon, one for each of her kids. Now the five oldest fill the rosters of high school and collegiate track and cross country teams. See how the running boom hit one family…and try to  keep up.
by Bob Fitzgerald


4    Editor’s Letter

6    Scenic Stridings
Mystic Lakes
text and photos by Emily Raymond


20    Intervals
Run for Food & Shelter First “Green” Race in NH; A Proud Coach Comments; Olympic Hurdler Edwin Moses Receives Honorary Degree at UMass/Boston; Bay State Native & NY Running ‘Friend’ Albert Gordon Passes Away; Tola Crushes Central Park 10K Record; Cox Providence Races Reduce Carbon Footprint; NY Women’s Running Pioneer Sherrer Succumbs to Lung Cancer

28    Letters from Readers

30    Club Notes
Making the Dominant Case
by Lonny Townley

32    Nutrition
Runners and Pregnancy: Another Type of Marathon!
by Nancy Clark

34    Sports Medicine
Women, the ‰Û¢Q Angle’ and Knee Pain
by Michael Silva

36    Training Talk
Three Who Made A Revolution
by John Barbour

38    My Word
The Politics of Women Running
by Tom Derderian

50    Track Tidings
Pre Classic Stands & Delivers, by Bob Fitzgerald; Rosalyn’s Lipari 3-for-3 at State Champs 3K; NH’s Schneider Posts Dual Wins at New Englands; Westerly (RI) High School’s Andrew Springer Runs 4:02; Titantic Season Opener for Gay at Reebok;PC’s Doetzel NCAA 10K Champ; Rupp Rules; Hamilton’s Kosgei Double Trouble in D3; D2 Finals a ‘Flash & Bang’ Affair         

62    Retro Running
Three Women Who Ran Into A New Day
by John J. Kelley

71    Race Results
Coverage, photos and results from 28 events throughout New England & New York; Plus, Faces at Races

90    Running Around the World
Boston Champ Merga Runs Fastest 10K in Canada; 35th Ottawa Race Weekend Breaks Records, Injects $20 Million into Economy; NYRR’s Abbi Antablin (nee Gleeson) and BAA’s Matt Ely Top 10 at Broad Street Run 10M in Philadelphia.

ABOUT THE COVER: Prolific New England marathoner Heidi Westerling (seen here during one of her four consecutive Cape Cod Marathon victories) most recently broke the 14 year-old women’s record at the KeyBank Vermont City Marathon (See Race Results).
Photo by FitzFoto

TofC.TheGouchers.jpg: Kara and Adam Goucher exhibiting a healthy sense of humor (and an interest in lofty literature) as they display NER’s infamous “My Goal is to Win Boston” cover at the Pre Classic.
Photo by FitzFoto

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