Summer Sizzler Race For the Blueberries

                             Sizzler Race #11,July 27th
  the home stretch……Nuby up next….novelty items  on order….She came from Ohio to run,Lisa fine did!………. Cab Calloway runs 4th in fancy duck shoes…..Taylor,Vecchione newbies in the Sizzler winners circle..Tara G wins again………more below…..
To wit,  Ginger Smith for serving as a course marshall at the end of the  trail section~1.7 miles.To Eric Richard for directing the  runners at the end of Depot Road,Bob Fogg for handing out finish place tickets at the finish.Ditto Mike Casner after he had run the 2.5 miler.Cazman also saved me at least another hour by picking up all the trivia posters , cones and stuff after…in the dark.Rick,Too!And Mr. Speedy Steve Palmer for writing  down times for me twixt raindrops.Whew!

And of course the  highly versatile Lisa Ramey for registration, finish line  timing and post race snack set- up and clean up!Matt Richard for registration and Parking Detail.Alas, Kurt Berna for guiding the  4 mile runners into the finish line area after he had done the 2- 1/2 mile and snagged second place silver.Team Engle( Kathy & William) for clean up.Huge!Merci.It is  8-10 hours of prep on race day each Monday(not including the time at the race).But if we don’t have the help, it wouldn’t go as smoothly.Execution is everything.It is all about details with tthe Sizzlers.Particularly when I have 2 courses to set up, mark, monitor,etc.Thank you!I am grateful and humbled by your cheerful efforts.

Most runners opted for the longer route despite my dire warnings to scare them off.
We have a rugged group.Ten ran the 2.5 mile while 25 completed the  4 mile route.
The  half mile trail section was nasty and I cleared it somewhat, but it was fairly treacherous.
No broken bones, fatalities,or  turned ankles.I marked the miles clearly, painted orange arrows ubiquitously at  all turns and it paid off.
Face the toughest conditions weatherwise and otherrwise, and it can only better you. All else will seem easy.Enduring temp. extremes,heavy rain , killer hills,rough courses  will make you tougher mentally and sharpens you in every way.When an easy  flat 5k run in perfect weather comes along, you will conquer it with ease.Also, there is a greater feeling of accomplishment  afterwards.You build a bond with like-minded individuals.You could sense that last night in the esprit de corps.
After I marked the courses,scurried back by 6:35,the runners  were gathered underneath  the overhang at the Depot, despite the torrent.They were game and gung ho.So 144 races and no cancellations now.Never.Tough gang, and all stayed for the post race awards, raffles, trivia, snacks/libations and to swap war stories.
No  mainstreamers,groupies, lemmings, or  sheeple here.Those kind will a be at Boston, Beach To Beacon or Boilermaker following their heroes around, feeling comfy following the crowd.
And spending all kinds of hard earned cash( or their spouse’s)on hefty entry fees, hotel rooms, expos,restaurants, and gas. In a lousy economy it isn’t the most prudent use of funds.
Troy clinched the overall title with a 2nd place finish in the 4 mile.He has been with us for maybe nine Sizzler campaigns.Quiet, unassuming, tough, talented,cool and collected, Mr. French has been a joy to have with us , and we are glad he comes back year after year.
Congrats to a worthy  champion.You da man,Troy!
Alex McGrath notched his 4th win of the year with a 23:04 on a wild night.He caught us  by surprise.We had 2 different finish lines for the two races.It worked out fine.I timed the 2.5 mi with Lisa and Bob, then scampered to the  other line with Steve Palmer assisting to record the places  and times of the 4 milers.You da man, too,Alex!
Tara Germond of Dublin is a regular now, with her  third (or is it fourth?) victory of the Sizzler Season.She handled the 4 mile in a spiffy30:23.Runner up was  Dana Whitney, who clinched the Lady Title at Oak Park last week.
Kim Vecchione joined the Sizzler Winner Circle for the first time with her 21:58 for the 2.5 miler.
Way To Go, Kim.Welcome to Victory Lane!
Relative newcomer Rick Taylor,Hancock, captured the top spot overall in the shorter run with his 16:49 on a most dark and stormy night.Kurt Berna was runner -up in 17:09, then  served as race guide and directed the  4 mile runners  into the  finsih line chute.Thanks,Kurt.
Thanks To Jack Bowes, Deot Assn Prez, for allowing us to meet at the Depot.
It all started here Year One,Race One in 1997,It is and will always be a special place.
The year end novelty items are on schedule to be ready for our last race  a fortnight hence.
You will like them.As always, we don’t do T-shirts here.Never.Ever.If a path has been trod a zillion times,why would you want to go down it? The Broadpath leadeth to destruction, saith the Good Book.
No thanks.Peer pressure and pseudo comfort in being with the masses,I guess, may just be too irresistible for  many.If the majority go down one way,I purposely head the other.In everything.
They are always wrong…..always.Anyway,you will like our item… but you will have to wait till ‘Customer Appreciation Night’ at Norway Hill in 2 weeks.That is called a teaser(not a taser).
Next Monday is Race # 12.We  make our final appearance at Nubanusitt Lake and the mighty tough 5 miler.I will give everyone a 7 minute headstart.If I don’t pass you,then you receive either a pint of blue berries,maybe Kimball’s ice cream  cone g.c., or jar of honey.Not sure yet.But  everyone will get something.Plus the usual stuff.I hope we get decent weather.
But it matters to our hearty crew, they run anyway.My kinda people.Rugged and relentless.
We had a visitor(Lisa Fine)  from Ohio, a friend of Bill Springer’s, who made special  trip while here …just to run with us,based on Bill’s recomendation.It was good to have her  join us.
She tackled the  four miler, passed muster and earned her Sizzler stripes.We let her pick first  from the Table Of Booty.Thanks for coming out, and we hope you come back,Lisa.Thanks,Bill, for putting in the good word.Bill’s the model of physical and mental fitness.Mr Positive!

We had 12 containers of blueberries to distribute.I picked them in Troy, about 7 pounds maybe.Next weekend I plan to  garner even that everyone can enjoy them lakeside after The Nuby run.Feedback tells me they were well received.I’ll put them in little dixie cups on the snack table ,plus have 15 or 20 for prizes.
Bring a friend or two.Let us see if we can exceed fifty runners each of the final two weeks.
Thank you for supporting The Sizzlers and foundational, grassroots,love-of-the sport
(and not love of money),long distance running in its purest form.
Dave Birse,
Sizzler City

                 Summer Sizzler  World Tour  XIII
Race 11     “Race For The Blueberries” & ” Which Way Do I Go?”
The Depot     Hancock   ( 2.5 &  4 Miles)  Monday July 27th, 2009
                                Official Results
    2.5 Mile Race
1. Rick Taylor       16:49
2. Kurt Berna       17:09
3. Mike Casner     17:26
4. Matt Richard     17:35
5. Kim Vecchione  21:58 (1st Woman)
6. Bill Engle          25:29
7. Kathy Engle      25:45 (2nd Woman)
8. Mia Brady         29:25 (3rd Woman)
9. Seth Brady       33:54
10.Kim Weeks       35:58 (4th Woman)
(10 Finishers Total)
4 Mile Race
1. Alex McGrath       23:04
2. Troy French         24:09
3. Todd Bookman     26:10
4. James Callaway    28:50
5. Ian Aldrich           29:05
6. Ethan Ley             29:20
7. Andy Briggs          29:21
8. Patrick Trappe       29:27
9. Nathan Earley       29:37
10. Tara Germond      30:23 (1st Woman)
11. Brian McGlynn      30:43
12. Dana Whitney      30:45 (2nd Woman)
13. Shauna Burt        32:22 (3rd Woman)
14. Bill Earley            32:44
15. Art McGrath         33:26
16. Marie Whitney      34:51(4th Woman)
17. Calvin Palmer       35:31
18. Karla Palmer        35:32 (5th Woman)
19. Jeff Richardson     35:56
20. Lisa Fine              37:05  (6th Woman)
21. Bill Springer         40:27
22. Rich Mills              40:51
23. Geraldine Liebert   45:28  (7th Woman)
24. Terry Berna           45:28   (8th Woman)
25. Robt Whitney        46:38
       25 Finishers
        Volunteers: Bob Fogg, Lisa Ramey, Matt Richard,Eric Richard,
Steve Palmer, Mike Casner, Ginger Smith ,Bill Engle, Kathy Engle
         Next Week:Race #12…. ‘Beat The Race Director’
      Nubanusitt Boat Landing   Hunt Pond Road   Hancock
             5 Miles     6:35 PM  EDT        $5.00   
                 Monday August 3rd, 2009 

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