Lagat, Lomong, Manzano Speak on 1500 Final

2009 IAAF World Athletics Championships Day 5 Team USA evening quotes

Bernard Lagat (Tuscon, Ariz.), Men’s 1,500 meters bronze medalist
was the hardest box ever. This is a box that was happening a little too
close to the finish. Normally, when it happens, with 300 meters to go,
you can make your way out of it. This one happened at the wrong place,
with 150 meters to go. I couldn’t do anything.
Lopez Lomong (Colorado Springs, Colo.), 8th in Men’s 1,500 meters
good, it’s hard and it’s nice. This was a good experience for me. It
was fun here, running with the best of the best in the world. It was
fantastic. I was right up there. I was caught up in a little situation.
I got boxed in a little bit. I’m not going to beat myself up just
because I lost today. I’m going to use this for my confidence and get
ready to go. I hope for next time it will be a little bit different. I
had a great time here in Berlin. I talked to Bernard. I congratulated
him. He ran a fantastic race. He was able to bring home a bronze medal.

Leonel Manzano (Austin, Texas), 12th in Men’s 1,500 meters
guys are the best in the world. I was glad to be in the mix. It was a
great race for everybody. You work very hard. You can’t make any
mistakes when you are competing at this level. The big goal was to make
the world championship team. The next goal was to advance to the
finals. Once in the finals, I was going to give it a good go. I tried
to give a good go. I gave it my best. The first couple of laps, I tried
to get in there. I gave it a good shot. It didn’t happen. I don’t think
I’m disappointed. Finishing 12th in the world isn’t that bad. It was a
great season and the season is still going on.
Ginnie Powell (Los Angeles, California), 6th in Women’s 100 meter hurdles
race was very messy. I felt good, especially over the first four
hurdles, and then I was trying to press so hard that I was clipping
hurdles. I clipped one real bad and that threw me off.
It’s sad
that two of America’s top hurdlers couldn’t medal, and especially under
Bob Kersee. It’s the first time in a long time that he didn’t get a
medal in a major meet.
Anyone on that starting line could have
won that race. (One of the girls) was saying that if you make one
little mechanical mistake, no matter how fit or strong you are, it’s
Dawn Harper (Los Angeles, California), 7th in Women’s 100 meter hurdles
had a real good start. I hit hurdle 2, and there’s not really much you
can do when you hit it. I hit it real hard and I almost fell. It’s hard
to regroup when you’re chasing 12.51.
I feel like I let my coach down (Bob Kersee). Ginnie and I were both ready to go. We just didn’t execute our race.
You cannot count out anyone in that race. Everyone there was ready to go.
Casey Malone (Ft. Collins, Colorado), 5th in Men’s discus
German crowd was really incredible. They were cheering for everybody,
and especially for Robert (Harting) the loudest. These folks really
know their discus out here.
I felt like my throws got better
and better as the competition went on. It’s funny that I kept throwing
better and better but I could never throw out of that fifth spot.
Technically speaking, my throws got more relaxed towards the end. I
wished I had more throws. Maybe I could have gotten fourth, but I
wished I could’ve gotten that one big throw.
Ashton Eaton (Eugene, Oregon), Men’s decathlon
Coming into this meet, I knew that Trey (Hardee) and I were the fastest, so I wanted to set the tone early.
felt good going into the long jump, and was excited about that PR. The
shot was tough to manage. It’s going to be a while before I am
competitive in that, so I have to manage it. The high jump is something
I’m a bit inconsistent with.
The key to the decathlon is consistency. I just have to do my normal stuff.
Trey Hardee (Austin, Texas), Men’s decathlon
came out like a cannon in the first three events, Point wise, I have to
be happy with where I’m at, and I’m looking forward to getting some
I’m looking forward to an exciting second day. These guys are excellent competitors.
Shawn Crawford (Los Angeles), Men s 200 meters, semifinals
was hoping that would be a sub-20 race. I have to change my race
strategy. That strategy right there is for the birds. Trying to run
hard from the blocks to the turn is not for me. I think the final is
going to be fast. My goal is to run 19.51. I would be very happy with
Wallace Spearmon (College Station, Texas), Men s 200 meters, semifinals
was pretty good. I’ve been trying to go out there and run a little bit
harder in each round. But at the same time, I know Usain Bolt is an
animal, and I am going to have the best race of my life to beat in the
finals. I look forward to my chances and I look forward to tomorrow.
I’m going to look for a PR tomorrow and try to get on that medal stand.
Charles Clark (Virginia Beach, Va.), Men s 200 meters, semifinals
goal was to go out there, run hard and make it to the finals. It’s an
honor to be here to represent the USA. I take pride in that.
Allyson, Felix (Santa Clarita, Calif.), Women’s 200 meter, first round
felt good. I wanted to come out and focus on the start and control the
race from there. I want a personal best. I’d love to defend my title
here in this stadium. That would definitely be special.
Muna Lee (College Station, Texas), Women’s 200 meter, first round
ran more in control. I got some sleep. I’m just taking a day at a time.
I want to be in control of my race. I don’t want to mess up.
Marshevet Hooker (Pflugerville, Texas), Women’s 200 meter, first round
felt really good. I worked really hard. I didn’t know if I was going to
see anybody. (Running in Lane 8) It was the first time I have ever run
in Lane 8. My main goal was not to see anybody. Now I know I can do it.
It’s one more thing to add to the resume.
Charonda Williams (Richmond, Calif.), Women’s 200 meter, first round
have been waiting for this. Now it’s finally here. I just have to run
the rounds. My race went pretty well. I was racing just to make it to
the next round, which I have accomplished. I ran relaxed and good. I
like my start. I was very aggressive there.

Jarred Rome (Chula Vista, Calif.), Men’s Discus
felt great yesterday. My legs felt great. My technique felt good.
Everything felt good. Then today, nothing felt good. I couldn’t even
hit one throw. I had high expectations and I don’t even know what
Damu Cherry (Winter Garden, Fla.), Women’s 100 hurdles, semifinals
If I’m supposed to be in the final, I will be there. If not, I gave it my best effort.
Lionel Larry (Compton, California), Men’s 400 meters
was a lot better than the last time I came to the world championships,
when I didn’t finish.  I can walk away with some dignity in my head so
I can’t be too mad.
LaShawn Merritt (Suffolk, Virginia), Men’s 400 meters
I set it up real good.  I had a great race.  I wanted to come out today and set the bar.  I wanted to set the tone today. 
moved a little bit harder than I did yesterday, and that’s what makes
my times drop.  I’m the type of person that thrives off adrenaline,
considering the crowd is great and the track is great.
I didn’t
run as hard as I could have, as I wanted to save a little bit for the
final on Friday.  People are ready to come and run hard–this is the
biggest competition of this year.
I’m expecting a win–it’s not really a time.  What it takes to win is what I’m gonna run.
Jeremy Wariner (Waco, Texas), Men’s 400 meters
It was real good.
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