Double D’s Mt. Washington Itinerary

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With the lung-searing, quad-burning annual expenditure having been deposited at Mount Washington, it’s time for less chatter and more data, provided by three-time winner and race historian Dave Dunham. To wit:

2009 Mt Washington stats: 917 finishers – most since 2004 and fifth most ever; 248 women finished which broke the record of 238 (2004). The average time for women was 1:59:37 and the average age was 42.46; the men averaged 1:49:53 and the average age was 45.65. Both average ages are a record; in the last 25 years the average age of the field has increased by 11 years.

Rickey Gates became the fifth person to break and hour with the 8th fastest time ever run. Brandy Erholtz became the fourth female to break 1:11, running the fourthth fastest time ever. Here winning margin (just under 9-minutes) was the 5th biggest and the largest since 1998.

Six state records were set (all by women): AL, CO, GA, KY, RI, WA. George Etzweiler became the oldest finisher at age 89 (2:57:12).

All-Time Lists‰ÛÓTop 10 finishes:

MenSimon Gutierrez moves up to 6th on the all time list with 10 top 10’s. WomenSuzy West and Donna Smyers move into a tie for first with 8 top 10’s. Cathy Pearce moved into a tie for 6th with 6 top 10 finishes.

Sub 1:20 womenDonna Smyers added to her lead with her 13th.

Sub 1:10 MenDave Dunham moves into first with 17 sub 1:10’s; Eric Morse moves into 3rd with 15.

Sub 1:05Simon Gutierrez moved into 2nd with 9; Eric Blake moved into a tie for 5th with 5.

Sub 1:02Eric Blake moves into a tie for first with 4.

Prize Money:

207 People have won a total of $143,895.

Craig Fram leads the list with $10,500 [$6,000 in 40+ bonus $ from NER; Craig, buy someone a subscription, will ya?] Dave Dunham has won $ the most times (19) with Eric Morse in second with 14. Brandy Erholtz moved up to 5th most for women (14th overall).

Most single age records: Carrie Parsi continues to lead, holding 7 records. Sumner Brown and Barbara Robinson both moved into a tie for second with 6. Carlton Mendell and Simon Gutierrez moved into a tie for fourth with 5.

Photo: Craig “Moneybags” Fram.

Most finishes: 1. Keith Woodward, 34, 1973-2009; 2. Fred Ross, 33, 1976-2009; 3. Gaetan Breton, 31, 1973-2008;4. Dianne Menard 30 1979-2009.

Current streak: 1. Fred Ross, 32, 1976-2009; 2. A four way tie with 28, 1982-2009, between Ron Johnston, Everett McBride, William Morse and Ron Paquette.

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