Teague Wins NER Pub Series XII Shocker!

It was as mild day somewhere on the planet but not New England, where
the Paddy’s Shilellagh Shuffle organizers, vendors, volunteers and
runners were in the grip of a day-long Nor’Easter (usually reserved for Irish Village down the Cape).

But the show did go on with 1700 signees and 1001 brave souls making the finish adjacent to Paddy’s Pub.

Series leader Joe Navas drank the Kool-Aid provided by Whirlaway’s Coach McGrinch
and we have to applaud Joe’s performance at Bay State – an 8th place
2:34:33 showing in miserable conditions…and we also have to applaud
Joe’s return to sanity following Bay State when he realized there was
now way he could – as planned – also compete at Paddy’s.

So Liverpool favorite Chris Teague – a dead-on winner through
four races of two bygone Series – finally had luck and the points
accumulated duking it out with Joe, on his side to win NER Pub Series XI (YaH!!!).

Unfortunately for Joe, the missed race catapults him out of the top five as Lee Danforth, Terry McNatt, Mike McGrane and Andrew Holmes close out the top five $$ winners.

On the women’s side, Sarah Healy won her third straight race but with Pub Series leader Lara Johnson and defending champion Mimi Fallon placing 2-3, Sarah finished third – one point behind Mimi in second an 3 behind Lara.

The men’s Senior tie between Dave Wessman and Paul Corcoran went to Wessman who has now defended the title for a fourth year. The women’s Senior tie between Catherine Farrell and Joanne Morris went to Farrell, who has now defended her title for a third straight year.

On a personal note, I couldn’t keep up with trash talking John McGourty this race as Mighty Meehan was my peak for the season. I also couldn’t keep up with (former trash talking) Christine Bradley on the dance floor upstairs at Paddy’s (that girl can cut an Irish jig).

Congrats to the Paddy’s Pub team who held the whole thing
together in dire weather. Final standings will be up the end of the
week as soon as we’re off deadline with the Nov/Dec issue. Further word
on the Awards night party at Doyle’s to follow. Congrats everyone!

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