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The kids races start at 8:30 and run through 9:30 followed by hay rides with the main event(s) going off at 10:30. There’s a 10K and for Pub Series competitors the 5K – Click for info on the Pub Series
There’s vendor’s tents and an array of post-race food along with live music and a rapid rewards ceremony. Awards, Course, parking, find it at Evan’s Run Evan’s Run.
The after party and cook out is at McGreal’s Tavern about a mile down the road at 690 Main Street. McGreal’s Tavern
The 2009 Race from the pages of NER:
Brother Act Plays Out at Evan’s Run
Despite a gloom and doom forecast of heavy May showers
leading to April flowers, attendance at the 9th annual Evans Run 10K/5K in
Norwell on May 18 actually peaked beyond the 640 total finishers from last
Add to that the feel-good scenario of two of Evan Henry’s
brothers (Evan being the race’s namesake) piling in 1-2 in the 5K. “That was
totally unexpected,” offered 23 year-old Ryan Henry, who ran 17:24 to precede
his 18 year-old brother, Colin, by 25 seconds. “I mean, I expected and Colin
expected that I’d come in ahead of him but I never thought I’d win and he never
thought he’d be second overall.”
In their wake, Ryan Shea, 20, of Hanover, posted up third as
all five runners following the winner were 20 or under. Not so the women’s race
where Nicole Mauro, 23, of Mashpee, led Jen Lankow, 36, of Cohasset, and Charla
Spellman, 37, of Pembroke, to the tape in 19:25.

The damp conditions cancelled the kids hayrides on the
Norwell High School grounds and halfway through the 10K and in the final mile
of the 5K, the heavens opened and torrents of rain pelted the macadam‰ÛÓto the
point where you moved from the crest to the middle of the road and back again
trying to avoid the lake effect. The worst was over quickly, but not for
frontrunning Benjamin Ndaya of Chelmsford. Ndaya had the 10K race (and top
prize $) in the bag before a side stitch started unraveling his stride in the
final mile. Give credit to 23 year-old Ryan Gattoni of East Sandwich, who hung
tough on the scant hope of a misfortune on Ndaya’s part.

From the backside you couldn’t tell who crested the finish
line first as both runners were clocked in 34:52 with Gattoni geting the nod.
Toweling off by his car, Ndaya was the picture of grace in defeat. “I got a
stitch and I kept trying to lean to the side to get rid of it. I couldn’t and I
just got passed at the finish, but hey, that’s OK, that’s why it’s called a
Weymouth podiatrist Robert Chasen, 54, clipped 18 seconds
from his fifth place time last year and copped third in 37:14. “For a guy that
had some cardiac problems in his early 50s I was very surprised to get third in
my mid 50s,” said Chasen, who held a 6-flat pace and runs more like a guy in
his 40s.
The women’s winner wasn’t a surprise as defending champion
Julie Spolidoro, 28, of Marshfield, did enough to win against Rockland’s
Christina Seremetis, fashioning a 7-second margin of victory in 38:28.
Pocasset’s Paula Healey, 28, was a distant third in 44:29.

As a band played on, the post race crowd gathered under the
Big Top, intent on feasting upon burgers, dogs, chili, fruit, beverages and
various desserts. As usual the awards ceremony went off like a shot (not as
rapid fire as 2008 but still rapid), facilitating the post race party at
McGreals’s Tavern just a mile down the road.

‰ÛÓBob Fitzgerald


9th Annual Evan’s Run
10K/5K, Norwell, May 17

656 Finishers (199 10K Finishers, 457 5K Finishers) –
Timing by: Bay State Race Services ‰ÛÓ 10K USATF Certified: MA1007RN – 10K Course
Records: Pat Moulton, 31:04, 2006; Heidi Westerling, 36:19, 2007. 5K USATF
Certified: MA1008RN – 5K Course Records: Gilbert Kiptoo, 15:13, 2008; Claudia
Camargo, 18:14, 2008 – Weather: rain – light, heavy, then overcast

Men’s 10K (Overall): 1. Ryan Gattoni, 34:52; 2.
Benjamin Ndaya, 34:52; 3. Bob Chasen, 37:14; 4. Bob Ruel, 37:41; 5. David
Corbett, 37:58; 6. Bash Zaganjori, 38:51; 7. Patrick Bane, 39:19; 8. Fabrice
Lesaffre, 39:21; 9. Wil Berglund, 39:29; 10. Patrick Healey, 40:06; 11. Patrick
Jennings, 40:38; 12. Brandon Villarreal, 40:59. (18-under): 1. Wilton Childs, 43:29; 2. Paul Bohan, 46:31; 3. Ben
Bickford, 49:55. Masters: 1. Patrick
Jennings, 40:38; 2. Bill Adams, 43:13; 3. Peter Fitzpatrick, 43:32. Seniors: 1. Bob Chasen, 37:14; 2. Bob
Ruel, 37:41; 3. Ket Kessell, 47:15. Veterans:
1. Tom Readry, 47:49; 2. Allan Tufankjian, 53:37; 3. Art Linehan, 56:22. Women’s 10K (Overall): 1. Julie
Spolidoro, 38:28; 2. Christina Seremetis, 38:35; 3. Paula Healey, 44:29; 4.
Eileen Thompson, 47:27; 5. Carolyn Quinn, 47:45; 6. Cassi Belmarsh, 48:05; 7.
Erica Coffin, 48:10; 8. Linda Montoya, 48:19; 9. Kelly Adams, 48:28; 10.
Maureen MacEachern, 48:40; 11. Cheryl Reed, 49:12; 12. Karen McQuillen, 49:20. (18-under): 1. Liz Driscoll, 53:33; 2.
Rebecca Hathaway, 53:33; 3. Allison Weiler, 53:34. Masters: 1. Eileen Thompson, 47:27; 2. Linda Montoya, 48:19; 3.
Cheryl Reed, 49:12. Seniors: 1. Deb
Lynch, 50:06; 2. Ginny McCord, 50:55; 3. Mary Snell, 57:58. Veterans: 1. Patricia L’Italien, 56:45.
Men’s 5K (Overall): 1. Ryan Henry,
17:24; 2. Colin Henry, 17:49; 3. Ryan Shea, 18:40; 4. Pete Bailey, 18:52; 5.
Evan Cannata, 19:17; 6. Terrence Ciavarra, 19:23; 7. Scott Noyce, 19:37; 8.
Tommy Strackhouse, 19:53. (18-under): 1.
Colin Henry, 17:49; 2. Pete Bailey, 18:52; 3. Evan Cannata, 19:17. Masters: 1. Scott Noyce, 19:37; 2. Tim
Trenger, 20:35; 3. Jeff Hayes, 21:52. Seniors:
1. John Hurley, 23:22; 2. John Lynch, 26:02; 3. Rich Adams, 28:05. Veterans: 1. Wilson William, 27:05; 2.
John DiFranco, 38:26. Women’s 5K
1. Nicole Mauro, 19:25; 2. Jen Lankow, 20:09; 3. Charla
Spellman, 20:51; 4. Yukiko Oba, 21:27; 5.
Kathleen Kramer, 21:41; 6. Kara McLoy, 21:44; 7. Jillian Madison, 22:04; 8.
Rachel Horwitz, 22:15. (18-under): 1.
Jen Cronin, 23:47; 2. Victoria Dinger, 24:56; 3. Maggie Travers, 25:13. Masters: 1. Yukiko Oba, 21:27; 2.
Jillian Madison, 22:04; 3. Katie Friedel, 23:52. Seniors: 1. Patricia McLaughlin, 24:08; 2. Maryann Lunn, 26:37; 3.
Frances Clairmont, 27:02. Veterans: 1.
Janet Cormia, 27:22; 2. Luci Millspaugh, CT, 33:48.  

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