Dire Weather Doesn’t Dampen Pub Series Stars

Congrats to all who braved the Corrib Pub 5K amidst
warnings of tsunami’s, tornadoes and drenching humidity. Well, one of the three
was prevalent, but less so than in Lincoln, RI where a number of pubsters first
raced in the USATF-NE 5K men’s championship.


With a noon start (this is a Pub race) the dire weather held
off until the final revelers in Billings Field were breaking down their tents.
It was, in fact, a record field with 2,048 finishers for the 17th edition of
the race.


For the second straight race, Hurtin’ For Certain’s TJ Unger
was up front until the bitter end. Teammate Lee Danforth was also there along
with 9:28 2-Miler Eddy Colvin of Catholic Memorial HS. HFC’s Jason Cakouros was
just off the lead trio.


On the downhill before the final turn onto LaGrange St. and
the finish, Young Colvin took off like a rocket, just sputtering before the
finish line. Danforth clipped by to take the tape in 16:08 with Colvin
3-seconds back and Unger another three ticks behind. “I have to give him
credit,” said Danforth. “He blew by us like he was shot out of a cannon. He
just started his kick a little early.”


It should be a mighty tussle at Mighty Meehan (Sept. 12) as
Danforth and Unger are now tied for Pub Supremacy with 144 points.


Placing fourth, Cakouros moves one point behind pre-Corrib
series leader Greg  Picklesimer
(now 3rd but still top Master), who placed 5th with Evan’s Run winner Scott
Munro taking

 Men’s & Women’s Standings & Perfect Publican’s

The BAA’s Kristin Murphy is now a perfect 3-for-3 following
her 18:15 (5:53 pace) romp, while Boston’s Megan Sowa is just four points
behind as an interesting scenario unfolds. Megan hooked up with Meaghan Scearbo
(nee Shaw) and the pair worked together to finally reel in Jacquelyn Cilley
(back from Italy) on Sturges Street before the final turn. “Ugh,” commented
Cilley, “not one of my better days.”


Sowa clipped Scearbo by a tick at the line (19:04 to 19:05)
with Senior superstar Marge Bellisle placing fifth, while holding down the
overall 4th position in the Series. Framingham’s Andrea Leonard pulled in at
22:02 to cop top Masters honors (same as in the Series).


Despite hoofing it at Rhody, Paul Hammond held on to his
Senior lead (while sporting the maillot jeune from a previous Pub Series!) while
Whirlaway teammate Chris Spinney wasn’t quite as lucky. Overtaken by Jimmy
and displaced by two other Senior runners, Spinney now falls one point
behind Fallon on the leaderboard.


Good to see Irish Tom Hurley back on the sideline, watching
as Iron Joe Drugan made good on his promise to clip Vets leader Duke Hutchinson
(“Im on my home course.) On the 60-69 distaff side, the Cape’s Janet Kelly
decisioned CSU’s Catherine Farrell to deadlock the pair.


Bob Hillman can thank Hammond and Spinney for giving Cape
strongman Bill Riley a ride from Rhody. The 73 year-old wonder clipped along at
a 7:39 pace to move one point ahead of Bob, who was also harassed by a woman
with a baby carriage. “I don’t want to complain, but she hit me from behind
twice and then got upset when I asked her to cut it out.”


It could have been worse‰ÛÓHFC stalwart Dan Hart was working
the finish line chute when a ne’er do well kept cutting lines and responded
with unsportsmanlike language when he was repeatedly asked to stay in order.
After removing the miscreant’s tear tag, young Dan turned around and took a
solid back fist to the cranium. The fellow then tried to flee but the police
were able to get ahold of him.


Justice prevailed and calm once again descended on Pub Nation. So thanks to the Corrib for the barbeque and the Blue Moon. The Pub
Series is now officially on vacation until we convene at the Cape on Sept. 12
and Portland, Maine on Sept 19 before the Grand Finale at Paddy’s in Newton
this October.  Men’s & Women’s Standings & Perfect Publican’s

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