Pub Runners After Four Races…The Mighty & The Fallen

Congratulations and thanks to everyone who ran the Mighty Meehan 5K in West Dennis, the fourth race in the 2010 NER Pub Series. Those who have completed4/6 and 3/6 events are listed below. If your name does not appear, just email us at as there were several names missing from the results.
If you are planning on completing 5/6 races or all six you  needed to have a paid subscription by Friday race on June 11th in order to be eligible to attend the post series awards party and/or collect any swag. Which will be provided again by adidas. We have deleted any names that did not have current subscriptions.
There will be no exceptions this year!!!

Looking ahead to the Trail to Ale in Portland on Sunday, September 19th, NER will be hanging at 3 Dollar Dewey’s on Commercial St, sometime after 7:30pm on Saturday for good ole pub craic.
If you have not made hotel reservations, NER was able to secure a room at the Holiday Inn, By the Bay in downtown for $163 just today(9/13), through
This is the cheapest rate in downtown and within walking distance of all restaurants and pubs!

1.    Scott Munro, Boston
2.    Tj Unger, Roslindale
3.    Lee Danforth, Dedham
4.    Jason Cakouros, Milton                
5.    Terry Mcnatt, Needham  Ma
6.    Macdara Nash, Concord
7.    Jim Quadros, Lowell
8.    Michael Norton,  East Falmouth
9.    10.Paul Hammond, Lexington
10.    Philip Parks, Abington
11.    Chris Smith, Woburn  
12.    Jimmy Fallon, Walpole
13.    Nelson Dupere, South Boston .
14.    16.Chris Spinney, Arlington
15.    Ryan Pace, Brookline
16.    Ken Warren, Wilmington
17.    Michael Sellars, Mashpee
18.    Theo Kindermans, Waltham
19.    Dave Wessman, Scituate
20.    Stephen McCaffrey, Charlestown
21.    Terry Wnek, Holbrook
22.    Ryan Flynn, Jamaica Plain
23.    Chris Diehl, Dedham
24.    Jonathan Cogan, Walpole
25.    Steve Seaver, Cumberland
26.    Duke Hutchinson, Watertown
27.    Chris Kelly, Braintree
28.    Todd Ireland, Somerville
29.    Joe Ciavattone, Milton
30.    Jack Murphy, Waltham
31.    Benedikt Blomberg, Hopkinton
32.    Chris Tannian, Wakefield
33.    Mit Gnivri, Waltham
34.    Peter Fopiano, Melrose
35.    Jeff Cahill, Mansfield
36.    Scott Lennox, Hopkinton
37.    Jim McLaughlin, Sandwich
38.    Andy Arseaneault, Medford
39.    John Winters, Norton
40.    Steve Houde, Medway
41.    Richard Leonard, Framingham
42.    Steve Baranowski, Norwell
43.    Bob McColgan, Dedham
44.    Kevin Santoian, Newtonville
45.    Adrian Bellando, Somerville
46.    Joe Brown, Marlborough
47.    Timothy McLeod, Weymouth
48.    Dave Daru, Hingham
49.    Dick Doran, Dedham
50.    Ed Dowling, Plymouth
51.    Paul Clark, Hanson
52.    Steve O’Neil, Plymouth
53.    Dan Fitzpatrick, Hopkinton
54.    Brian Kelly, Chatham
55.    Stephen Shea, Hyde Park
56.    Jack Fagan, Revere
57.    Benjamin Cogan, Westwood
58.    Bob Hillman, Plymouth
59.    Michael Lodge, Cambridge
60.    John Boles, Bedford, NH
61.    Ruane Crummett, Waltham
62.    Lance Benham, Northborough
63.    Brian McNamara, Quincy
64.    Larry Delacy, Hillsboro, NH
65.    Malcolm Smith, Middleboro
66.    James Lowry, Somerville
67.    Kevin McDonald, Lovell
68.    Jack O’Connor, Dedham

69.    Beau Bousquet, Brighton
70.    Mark Buguey

1.    Kristen Murphy, Newton
2.    Megan Sowa, Boston
3.    Meghan Scearbo, Wakefield
4.    Marge Bellisle, Warren
5.    Amy Pace, Brookline
6.    Annalisa Pawlosky, Cambridge
7.    Andrea Leonard, Framingham
8.    Susan McNatt, Needham
9.    Elizabeth Lennox, Brighton
10.    Julie Vona, Shrewsbury
11.    Cathy Cagle, Waltham
12.    Ginny Carlin, Marshfield
13.    Janet Kelly, Chatham
14.    Kerri Mangiaco, Franklin
15.    Catherine Farrell, Newton
16.    MaryEllen Doran, Dedham
17.    Kelly Fattman, Auburndale
18.    Christine Bradley, Norton
19.    Christine Bartlett, Acton
20.    Jeannie Vieira, Middleboro
21.    Marianne Withington, Plymouth
22.    Norah Piehl, Wellesley
23.    Nora Shanahan, Braintree
24.    Anne Courage, Braintree
25.    Janet Berg, Scituate
26.    Helen Garity, Newton
27.    Elisabeth Broderick, Melrose
28.    Regina Wright, Marshfield
29.    Kate Maslowski, Billerica
30.    Shelley Esposito, Hopkinton
31.    Michelle Almeida, Quincy
32.    Jenny Durant, Westwood
33.    Patty Grady, West Roxbury
34.    Lori Fitzgerald, Wilmington
35.    Marie McMullen, Newton
36.    Melissa Kipp, Quincy
37.    Victoria Graham, Brockton
38.    Ellen Crovella, Wayland
39.    Mary Tyler, Framingham
40.    Kimberly Herlihy, Norwood
41.    Sharon Nadworny, Quincy
42.    Charlene Gaboriault, Holliston
43.    Jennifer Gillingham, Jamaica Plain

44.    Jerilyn Goldberg, Brighton
45.   Katie Mahoney, South Boston

                        Three Races
E=Evan’s run
M=Mighty Meehan

1.    Michael Mcgrane, Somerville‰Û¢D/E/M
2.    Brendan Kearney, Somerville‰Û¢D/E/M
3.    Benjamin Nosek, Boston‰Û¢D/E/M
4.    John McGourty, Dedham‰Û¢D/C/M
5.    George Russo, Waltham‰Û¢D/E/M
6.    Kayleen Rosato, South Orleans‰Û¢D/C/M
7.    Linda Fitzpatrick, Hopkinton‰Û¢D/C/M
8.    John Noland, Kingston‰Û¢D/E/M
9.    Sandra DeBow, Jamaica Plain‰Û¢D/E/M
10.    Kirsten Anderson, Cabridge‰Û¢..D/C/M
11.    Gregory Picklesimer,  Newton‰Û¢D/E/C
12.    Jim Sullivan, Jamaica Plain‰Û¢D/E/C
13.    Brian Mahoney, Somerville‰Û¢D/E/C
14.    Nikhil Jain, Arlington‰Û¢D/E/C
15.    Joe Drugan, Hopedale‰Û¢D/E/C
16.    Benjamin Jones, Durham‰Û¢D/E/C
17.    William Fleming, Norwood‰Û¢D/E/C
18.    Lou Peters, Methuen‰Û¢D/E/C
19.    Sarah Phillips, Cambridge‰Û¢D/E/C
20.    Erin Delacy, Hillsboro‰Û¢D/E/C
21.    Samantha Burgess, Newton‰Û¢D/E/C
22.    Jessica Richards, Charlestown‰Û¢D/E/C
23.    Carol Lahiff, Cambridge‰Û¢D/E/C
24.    Amy Brauer, Auburndale‰Û¢D/E/C
25.    Laurie Anglin, Boston‰Û¢D/E/C
26.    Nicole Champagne, Woburn‰Û¢D/E/C
27.    Tracy Jones, Durham, NH‰Û¢D/E/C
28.    Susan Maslowski, Nashua‰Û¢D/E/C
29.     Lindsey Guerriere‰Û¢D/C/M

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