Pub Series Tidal Wave Hits ‘Trail to Ale’ 10K

With the Pub Series Grand Finale
coming up at Paddy’s on Oct. 17,
The Trail to Ale 10K was a joyride for many, a
trail of tears
(with great scenery) for others. So who’ll be wearing the
maillot jeaune in Newton?
With many tight races and some divisions locked up,
we figured it best to break it down by
divisional possibilities.


On the minutiae side, this was
the Pub Series’ third stop along
the Trail to Ale, the last being in 2007
the taps we’re still going at 2 pm. This year, Shipyard Brewer extraordinaire
Alan Pugsley allowed
that the parched masses knocked off 10 half-kegs and
10-one-sixth kegs in one hour five minutes.


That means the kegs ran dry as
70+ Pub leader Bob Hillman was crossing the finish line.
That’s all right, Bob
was part of theimpromptu Narragansett ‘Prius Party’ in the back lot before
& Bob & others moved on to the traditional 2nd floor outdoor landing,
post-race repast at
Dry Dock on Commercial Street.


While a record 940 runners
crossed the finish line last year, there were 1700 entrants with 1,430
for this year’s NER Pub Stop No. 5. Without further adieu:


The intense intra-squad HFC
scrimmage was in full flight in Portland. Not to overlook Maine superstar Pat
who ran sub-5 pace as part of a 20-mile day, the next 7 slots were all
Pub Series with TJ Unger sucking pond water
at the finish but valiantly
managing to stay ahead of chief rival and HFC teammate Lee Danforth.


Leading Unger by a point going
in, Danforth was in a finish-line sprint right behind
TJ with Natick’s Marc
LeBlanc, one that he appeared to win (looking from the rear
and not at a great
vantage). Both runners were given the same time in the official chip-timed
results with LeBlanc getting the nod. A phone call with the timing company a
day later revealed the ‘chip’ had recorded LeBlanc 3/100ths of a second ahead
of Danforth, leaving Lee a point behind TJ going into Paddy’s.


On a 15th anniversary jaunt,
Eileen Cakorous ran like a champion while hubby
Jason – well, not his finest hour
but still good enough to retain 3rd overall with
CSU poster boy Terry McNatt
solid in 4th. With a stellar run, Whirlaway’s Jim Quadros has made it
interesting for the final $ spot as he pulled to within 3-points
of Mcdara



Series leader Kristin Murphy
split the first 5K in 17:50 so negative splits weren’t
in the offing, but her
winning 37:09 put herover 2-minutes ahead of everybody.
She’s now 5-for-5 with
a perfect 250 points. If she wins Paddy’s, she’ll be the first
woman in the 13
yr. history of the Pub Series to have swept all 6 races. Other than a
Fleming or a collegiate speedster showing up (which could happen), it looks
like a lock.


Likewise, the next 3 ‰ÛÓ Megan
Sowa, Meaghan Scearbo and Marge Bellisle (Yes, I’m a Senior runner) are all
Hill Strider Amy Pace and CSU’s Annalisa Pawlosky are uncanny
in their ability to laser onto each other while vying for the 5th ($) slot.
Annalisa was one place ahead of Amy at Might Meehan, Amy was one place ahead of
Annalisa at Trail to Ale and is just 2-points back heading into Paddy’s.



Jason Cakouros leads comfortably
by 6-pts with Terry McNatt solid in the silver
Both will finish in
the top 5 Open so, with a great run (winning the Masters division in 34:18),
John Noland jumps past Mcdara Nash and Jim Quadros into the top spot with 31
points. Mcdara and Jim (tied at 27) will duke it out for the runner-up position
and they can all thank Greg Picklesimer who missed his 2nd race.



Missing her first race of the
Series, 40+ leader Andrea Leonard was vulnerable, but it
didn’t matter as a
very strong contingent of Maine Masters turned off the Pub spigot and no one
scored a point.
Race runner-up Mary Pardi (39:20) led the charge. (Both men’s
winner Tarpy and Pardi are running the ING Hartford Marathon as part of the
NER/Hartford “New England’s Finest” program.)


The 40+ standings remain the
same. Sue McNatt is solid in second and Julie Vona is 3-points ahead of CSU’s
Cagle in third.



This division resembles a MASH
unit with 3-weeks left until Paddy’s. With former leader Paul Hammond coming up
lame at Mighty Meehan and walking the Trail, Chris Spinney (a point behind
Hammond coming in) vaulted into 1st
but will be running the Bay State Marathon
the same day as Paddy’s, prompting him to remark, pre-race, “Fallon’s got it.”


Just 2-points behind Spinney
coming into the Trail, an appearance by Fallon at Paddy’s (and a Hammond
appearance) would have done it, until Fallon joined the
strained/pulled Hammy Club at 4M on the Trail and walked it in.


The wreckage after the Trail: 1.
Spinney, 35 ‰ÛÓ 2. Hammond, 29 ‰ÛÓ 3. Fallon, 26.


If somewhat healthy, Hammond
could win this by either winning the Senior division at Paddys (37 pts.) or
second (36),
but the hammy ain’t feeling too good.


With 8 points available to the
50+ winner, Fallon is now mathematically out of 1st, but if Hammond is walking
and Jimmy
ain’t, finishing 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th or 5th would put him in the
silver position.


Another possible scenario:
Hammond and Fallon are both dragging
a leg at Paddys, and CSU’s Theo Kinderman,
who earned 5 pts. at the Trail for a total of  20, either wins or places 2nd 50+ to clinch the bronze.


The only definite: This
is the one division where no one will be
donning the maillot jeune (yellow
leader’s singlet) at Paddy’s.



“What the hell is she doing
here?” This is standard fare for Marge
Bellisle, 55, whenever Northport NY’s
Kathryn Martin
shows up at the odd Pub Series race. A national track and road
talent, Marge ran 41:58 to stay ahead of younger
“Open” rivals Amy Pace and
Annalisa Pawlosky – but she had to defer to 58 year-old Martin, who regularly
her events at the World Masters Championships.


Visiting friends with hubby
Charles Gross, Kathryn dropped by to lay down a 6:28 pace (40:09) to place 7th
among women.


Marge has a lock on the 50+
division (39 points of a possible 40) but will finish among the top 5 Open.
With Marge
bumped up and Kayleen Rosato picking up 5 points, this puts Kayleen
in the catbird’s seat with a 1-point margin (23-22)
over Ginny Carlin (AWOL) in
Portland. Behind this duo, there is a 3-way tie for 3rd between Pub stalwarts
Jeannie Vieira,
Sue Maslowski and Marianne Withington.



With Joe Drugan and Dave Pember
by the boards, you’d think mighty Duke Hutchinson would have this locked up;
instead, hefinds himself in a tie at 20 point with Lovell, Maine’s Kevin
McDonald. Running on homestate turf,
McDonald ran 43:11 to Duke’s 44:09, and
thus Duke’s 2-point lead coming in vanished.


“I know what he looks like now,
but he’s just too quick, I can’t catch him,” lamented the Dukester. The Dash
for Cash resumes
in Newton with John Winters assured of the bronze no matter
how it plays out between the lead duo.



Cape Cod AC Hall of Fame
speedster Janet Kelly has this wrapped up, lock, stock & barrel. Three-time
champion Catherine Farrell was just one point behind Kelly entering
the fray, but after Mighty Meehan the writing
was on the wall.


Catherine didn’t show in Maine
but it would have been a fait
accompli as Janet (Mainers, I’m not afraid of no
stinkin’ Mainers) dominated her division at Trail to Ale, winning by almost
in 51:37.


Farrell is safe in second, while
Charlene Gabriault picked up another
point in Portland to wrap up third.



With a dinged Bill Riley missing
his second race, perennial 70+
winner Bob Hillman of the Marshfield Road
Runners has
garnered yet another title and now owns about 5 or 6 maillot jeunes
from year’s past. At 77, Bob can still belt it out and had enough in reserve
stay an extra night to take in the Portland shops and pubs.


Ruane Crummet, MIA in Maine,
will nonetheless nail down second, while 2009 NER Pub Series “Rookie of the
Lou Peters, a spry 84, has forged divisional bronze after outkicking Paul
Hammond at the finish of this year’s
“Trail to Ale.”


FINAL NOTES: The good news regarding Paddy’s is that any weather on
race day will be a step up from last year’s


PUBLICANS: If you’re currently leading your division from Open
through 70+, drop by the NER tent at Paddy’s to pick
up your leader’s jersey, a
tradition we started several years ago after watching all the jersey
designations at the Tour de France.


Aye Carumba, see you at Paddy’s
(special attraction: Christine Bradley is running Bay State but said she’d
bring her
dancing shoes to Paddy’s afterwards).


‰ÛÓR. Fitz

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