NER Pub Series Award Night Date Set

OK, the date is Wednesday, Dec. 1 at Doyle’s Cafe (3484 Washington Street, Jamaica Plain) starting at 6:30 p.m. There’ll be cash awards, cash bar and adidas jackets for everyone who’s done six races. Folks who’ve done five races can feel free to buy the emcee a brew or two.
FAQ: Why Wednesday this year instead of the traditional Thursday? As it turns out, there’s a wheelchair benefit slated for Thursday. If it was Acme corporation or some such we’d boot them right out, but given the participants and spirit of holiday charity, we moved to the day before.
FAQ: So why the first week in Dec. instead of the usual second? 1) We’ve always wanted to go the first week but getting the jackets, and then getting the jackets screened or stitched, has sometimes )oft times) been fraught with hazard. In one of the early years, the jackets were delivered to Doyle’s while the awards were being presented. Not this year. Quick draw Mike McGrane got the order in early and the jackets were delivered early (& they are snazzy!) so we were able to book early. 2) A lot of people mentioned conflicts the second week in Dec., our women’s champion could be at Club Nationals XC, etc.
Don’t be square, see you there, it’ll be some great craic. Please RSVP to Michelle at

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