Pub Series Hits Half-Way Mark at Evans Run 10K

For the great unwashed who have still not taken the redemptive NER plunge,
a general amnesty until Friday, May 27
has been granted to get a subscription, and thus stay on the Pub Series docket.


After Friday, an additional
pruning of the standings will take place with the opportunity for true
believers to move up the ranks. Just by employing the “Miss Two, You’re
Through” rule, the Open Men & Women’s standings went from 84 down to 31 for
men and 21 for women. Also, there is big news for Pub Series Race No. 4 ‰ÛÓ McGuiggan’s Pub 5K in Whitman on June
26 in the offing so stay tuned‰Û¢


Evans Run
‰ÛÓ For anyone wondering who the woman was fronting the pack through a 5:29 mile,
it was former New England High School 2M champ and recent BC runner Brielle Chabot, who would place second
overall in the 5K at 17:35.


For anyone wondering who the
Somerville RR lass walking after two miles was, it was title contender Rachel Shanley, who entered with
plantar fascii, felt something tear in her heel and might have a stress
fracture too boot (Yikes!).


Shanley soldiered on to
finish the course and is still on a Quest for a Vest but the opportunity to
overtake an ill Kristin Murphy has
gone by the boards.


For the first time in 9 Pub
Races, our resident Pub Queen was hors de combat and Meaghan Scearbo, the former Meaghan “Forever Bronze” Shaw is the
currently holding the Golden Goblet.


HFC Strongman Lee Danforth solidified his overall
front running status with a second place finish while Greg Picklesimer, Terry
and Mark Reeder are a
tight 2-3-4 with North Shore whippet John Ayers on their heels.


Reeder rules the Senior
ranks with Chris “Wingman” Spinney
and youthful Bob Cipriano tied for
second. An unusual trio of ties is prevalent among female Seniors as defending
champ Marge Bellisle is tied with
Greater Lowell’s Liane Pancoast for
the top spot, Cathy Gibson and
Eire’s Claire McManus are tied for 3rd
and Marainne “Shaken Not Stirred” Withington
and former All-Hurley Award winner Sue
are locked for 5th.


Liberty AC ace Jan Holmquist continues to roost atop
the Veteran’s perch as does Gordon
, 63. sporting compression socks and a 6:08 pace at Evans Run. The
Cape’s Larry Cole isn’t poleaxing 3x
defending 70+ champ Bob Hillman but
he does sport a 4-point lead at this juncture.


Whirlaway’s Petra Platt has won the last two 40+
women’s titles but missed An Ra’s M’or and sits in third behind overall leader Jen Rapaport of SRR and HFC’s Eileen Cakorous.


The 10K course was pretty
well received with most of the heavy lifting done in the first half and some
sizable downhill’s available.


For many, the heavy lifting
continued at McGreal’s Tavern just
down the road from Norwell High with a barbeque and general social. The skies
weren’t exactly sunny but it was the type of weather everyone will be jealous
of when McGuiggan’s rolls around in late June. See you there!


 (Yes! Gwen Co-Wallis is headed to McGreal’s. Photo by MickFoto)    Women’s Standings   Men’s Standings Perfect and Not-so Perfect Publicans

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