Run Gloucester! 7M on Aug. 21 Open for Registration

Gloucester! 7-Mile Road Race Organized by Boston Marathon’s Dave


Registration continues at
for Aug. 21 road race along ocean in historic Cape Ann


GLOUCESTER, Mass. (June 27, 2011)
‰ÛÓ Boston Marathon race director Dave McGillivray says runners who
participate in this year’s Run Gloucester! 7-Mile Road Race on Sunday,
August 21 will enjoy one of the most scenic road races in the country ‰ÛÓ
with more than five miles of ocean views in New England’s most famous


“It’s one of the most picturesque
race we manage, just spectacular scenery nearly every step of the way,”
said McGillivray, whose firm DMSE Sports directs the BAA Boston Marathon, the
upcoming July 4 Harvard Pilgrim 10K at Patriot Place in Foxborough, Mass., the
sold out TD Bank Beach to Beacon 10K in Maine and the recent Run for the Dream
Half and 8K in Williamsburg, Va.


Registration for the race, created by DMSE
Sports and now in its second year, is ongoing at


McGillivray, who ran across the U.S. for
charity ‰ÛÓ twice ‰ÛÓ and manages more than 30 races a year, recently
shared some thoughts about Run Gloucester! 7-Mile Road Race, his work and the
value of running.  [He also spoke recently about the race on this brief
video posted today on You Tube:]


Q: What are your thoughts heading into the
second year of the Run Gloucester! 7-Mile

Road Race?

A: I feel like we had a successful inaugural race,
lots of positive comments from runners, strong support from the town, almost
1,000 runners taking part. Now we’re trying to build on that success to
establish this road race as a real can’t miss event for runners across
New England.

Q: How did you end up creating a new road race in Gloucester in the first

We wanted to produce a new DMSE-owned event, looked at the August race
calendar with the TD Bank Beach to Beacon followed by the Falmouth Road Race,
and decided it would be unique to add a third major seaside road race. We
looked for a coastal town and it was DMSE’s Ron Kramer who came up with
Gloucester. Ron showed the course to me and I knew right there we had the
makings for something special.


Q: How does managing
an event like this one stack up against something like the Boston Marathon?

A: Although Boston is a
major event, given the experience of the staff, the Organizing Committee and
all the volunteers, and the number of years we’ve been doing it, it
isn’t overly difficult to organize. It’s just a lot of work.
Creating first time events can be a greater challenge, that is, producing an
event from scratch, from nothing. I was pretty anxious to get the first year
over with. Now we have a better sense of what we’ve got and it’s a
great race.


Q: How has the Gloucester community been in
its support of the race?

A: The
community was and continues to be very supportive of the race, which is
the most important ingredient for a successful race.  

Q: What is the best way to prepare for a race like the Run Gloucester?

Probably no different than most, just make sure you are at a fitness level
where you can cover the 7-mile distance. 

Q: Do you suggest running every day to get ready or several times a week? 

A:  Depends on initial fitness level, however,
consistency is key so running at least five days a week is recommended. Simply
put, anyone training for the race should set a goal, develop a plan to reach
that goal and then stick with it.

Q: What are the advantages to a course like Gloucester? 

A: The Gloucester course is a rolling, loop
course with incredible, inspiring ocean views.  It doesn’t get any better
than this course. 


Q: What is the best part of the course, in
your opinion?

The start and finish by the Fisherman’s Memorial at statue and of course
the sections with ocean views. 

Q: Will there be prize money this year? 

A:  Yes, to be determined.

Q: Does the race need volunteers and if so, in what areas? 

A:  Yes, the race welcomes anyone
willing to volunteer. Go to our website at
and sign up!

Q: Were there spectators along the course last year? 

A:  Yes, many residents came out of
their homes to cheer on the runners and the start / finish line was crowded
with family and friends. It was really amazing.

Q: How is this year shaping up – anything new?  

A: Registration continues online at
‰ÛÓ we’re hoping more folks from nearby towns come over to Gloucester
to run this course. We’re trying to improve upon last year’s

Q: What motivates you to run in a race – any suggestions for folks
considering Gloucester?

A:  Running helps raise self-esteem and
self-confidence in everyone who engages in it.  I began running when I was
12 when I didn’t make the basketball team – haven’t stopped since
‰ÛÓ it’s been a very fulfilling part of my life.  

Q: What will the race beneficiary ‰ÛÓ the Gloucester Fishermen Athletic Association (GFAA).
‰ÛÓ do with the money it receives, if you know? 

A:  Funds raised by the GFAA
will be used to help finance the refurbishing of Newall
Stadium. It’s a great organization and very deserving.

Q: What is the long-term goal/vision for the Run
Gloucester event?

A:  Ideally, we want this race to become the last
leg of a major, national-class, three-race Triple Crown summer series
here in New England. 


Q: If you can get one thing right when directing a race, above
all else, what would that be?

A:  It’s all about the course, getting the course
right…runner friendly, minimize local impact, involve community,
aesthetically appealing, not too complex to manage or for the runners
to negotiate. 


Q: How do you know, what are the clues, that an event has
been a success?

A:  The immediate positive comments from runners are
a sure sign, plus positive comments from the local community. We received a lot
of positive feedback our first year, so we’re looking to replicate that
on Aug. 21.    


Q: You’ve run a lot of different marathons and road
races in your career on courses throughout the U.S. and around the world, how
does this course stack up and what aspects of the course stand out?

A: The out-and-back layout of the course is so
convenient, plus it’s a relatively flat, rolling course with these
beautiful ocean views that just can’t be found at many other races


Some of the views along the Run Gloucester! 7-Mile Road Race course are just breathtaking.
In your experience, does the beauty of a course matter to runners?

Is it critical? Maybe not. But I think it certainly enhances the whole
experience. I think a lot of runners will tell you when they’re out there
pushing their body, part of the exhilaration and motivation comes from their
surroundings. That’s why runners seek out scenic spots to train. Who
doesn’t like the idea of running along the ocean?

Q: Anything else about the race you’d like to share? 

A: Hoping
everyone who loves running as I do signs up at

The Run Gloucester! 7-Mile Road Race also features a Kid’s Fun Run the
morning of the race. This year’s sponsors include the Gloucester Times,
North Shore 104.9 and Addison Gilbert Hospital. Others who wish to be a race
sponsor this year may contact Alan Steinberg, Sponsor/Event Consultant at DMSE
Sports, Inc., 561-676-3531 or by e-mailing him at


For additional information on this
year’s race, visit the race website at Also, find the
race on Facebook at  


Founded by McGillivray in 1981, DMSE Sports,
Inc. is a leader in sports event management, specializing in creating,
marketing and producing mass participatory athletic events throughout the U.S.
and abroad. McGillivray has produced or consulted on more than 900 events
throughout the world, including 24 Boston Marathons; 13 TD Bank Beach to
Beacons, the 2004 and 2008 USA Women’s Olympic Marathon Trials, the 1990
Triathlon World Championship, the 1998 Goodwill Games Triathlon, and the 1996
Atlanta Olympic Games. For more info, visit

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