Lewy Boulet (CA) Wins Falmouth, $20K

American Magdalena Lewy Boulet

Wins Women’s Divison of the

39th  Annual New Balance Falmouth
Road Race

Rotich and Lewy Boulet ‰ÛÓ Male and Female Winners  

Olinger finishes as First American Male

Schabort Wins Third Falmouth Wheelchair Title

Falmouth, Mass. ‰ÛÓ For the
first time since Jennifer Rhines won in 2003, an American, Magdalena Lewy
Boulet, 38, of Oakland, Calif., bested the women’s field with a time of 36:58. 
With that performance, Lewy Boulet scored a $20,000 payday; $10,000 for first
places in both the overall and American divisions.  Lucas Rotich, 21, of
Kenya finished on top in the men’s division in 31:37, four seconds over fellow
countryman Micah Kogo, 25.  At last weekend’s Beach to Beacon 10k, the
results were reversed, with Kogo’s nine-second win over Rotich.
            Cloudy skies, light wins off the beach and
temperatures in the low 70s greeted the field of 10,696 official starters
running the scenic seven-mile course from Woods Hole to Falmouth Heights Beach.
            A pack of four, Lewy Boulet, Diane Nukuri-Johnson,
26, of Burundi, four-time Falmouth winner, Catherine Ndereba, 38, of Kenya, and
American, Janet Cherobon Bawcom, 32, of Atlanta, Ga., went through the first
mile in 5:07.  At mile two with a split of 10:18, the pack dropped
Cherobon Bawcom.   The remaining women traversed the course with
unofficial mile splits of 15:43 (three miles), 21:02 (four miles), and a
five-mile time of 26:23.  At the six-mile mark with a time of 31:39, Lewy
Boulet put in her surge. 
“I decided I had to commit right now,” and
commit she did, finishing in a time of 36:58. Second-place finisher,
Nukuri-Johnson, who finished in 37:13, attempted to match the surge, but as she
said after the finish, “I tried to go with her, but just didn’t have it, I
decided to hold my place.”  Third and four place finishers, Ndereba
(37:24) and Cherobon Bawcom (37:37) employed the same place holding strategy.
six-mile breakaway marked the men’s division.  At the first mile 4:38 split,
the twenty-man pack included Rotich, Kogo, two-time Falmouth finisher, Edward
Muge, 28, of Kenya, course record holder, Gilbert Okari, 31, of Kenya, and
Americans Brian Olinger, 25, of Columbus, Ohio., Adbi Abdirahman, 34, of
Tuscon, Ariz., and Chris Barnicle, 24, of Newtonville, Mass. 
At the 9:07
two-mile split, the pack dwindled to six.  From the three-mile split of
13:35, four men remained, Rotich in green and Kogo in white running shoulder to
shoulder just ahead of Olinger in white and Muge in green who were doing the
same.  The two pairs passed four-mile mark in 18:03 and the five-mile in
22:34 and were seen talking to each other as they ran stride for stride. 
Rotich made his move at the 10k mark of 28:05 and never looked back.
asked what was being discussed between them, Rotich who was making his Falmouth
debut, said that he was getting advice from Kogo, the 2007 Falmouth champion. 
That advice proved valuable in the win.  Muge put in his own surge to
finish third in 32:02 to Olinger’s 32:16. 
Olinger, a steeplechase
specialist who has taken time off from the sport due to a plantar injury and
who also made his Falmouth debut took home fourth place money of $1,500 plus
the $10,000 first place American purse.  He credited both running stride
for stride with Muge as well as the incredible crowd support along the course
as contributors to his success.
the master’s division, Colleen De Reurk, 47, from Colorado Springs, Colo.,
defended her title in 39:12 and finishing 16th overall.   James
Kosgei, 42, of Kenya also defended his title on the men’s side finishing 34th
overall in 34:41.
Schabort, 47, of Cedartown, Ga., Falmouth winner in 2008 and 2009 as well as
course record holder, notched his third win in 24:16 over eight-time Falmouth
champion, Craig Blanchette, 43, of Battle Group, Wash., (26:41) and four-time
winner Tony Nogueira, 43, of Glen Ridge, N.J., (26:56).  Jessica Galli,
age 27, of Savoy, Ill., recorded her sixth win on the women’s side in 31:57.
Once again Olympian and three-time Falmouth winner
Bill Rodgers, age 63, of Sherborn, Mass.; two-time winner, as well as Olympic
Marathon Gold and Silver Medalist, Frank Shorter, age 62, of Boulder, Colo.;
and Joan Benoit Samuelson, 54, of Freeport, Maine ran scenic course. The
legendary father-son team, Dick and Rick Hoyt celebrated their 32nd
Falmouth finish.  
About Falmouth Road Race

New Balance Falmouth Road Race was established in 1973 and has become one of
the premier running events of the summer season.  Each year the race draws
an international field of Olympians, elite athletes and recreational runners
out to enjoy the scenic 7-mile seaside course.  The non-profit Falmouth
Road Race organization is dedicated to promoting health and fitness for all in
its community.  Proceeds from the race each year support youth athletic
programs in the town of Falmouth and other nonprofit community groups.

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