Festive Brew Run Paves Road to Paddy’s

Publicans: Sorry for
the delay with all things Pub Series related. The day after the Brew Run was
Falmouth and three days later we were at the printer. Then there was John J.
Kelley’s Memorial, etc. Following Paddy’s we’ll be back within a day or two
with the Final tally on the web.


With the unfurling of the giant American flag outside the Woodshed
and Tavern in Brewster, the 33rd annual Brewster Brew Run
5.2M‰ÛÓstop No. 5 in the 2011 NER Pub Series‰ÛÓhad all the earmarks of a Fourth of
July celebration. Race Director Tommy
would address the large crowd by the finish line via megaphone,
noting that: “Our total number of entrants today is 1776, an historical


The massed assemblage no doubt was hoping for July 4th
weather as Saturday, August 13 was both hot and humid for the 4:00 pm start.
Prominent up front in an orange Central Park TC singlet was 27 year-old Matt
Lacey, 27, of Brooklyn, NY. A 2002 graduate of Amherst HS (MA) Lacey was
co-captain and the No. 1 runner for the 2005 Tufts cross country team that was
ranked 5th in the nation and No. 1 in New England.


In 2010 he had run 2:29:22 at Boston and this Aug. 13 he ran
27:16 at Brewster to post up as top brewmeister. Pub Series star Greg Picklesimer, 45, ran another great
race to clinch second in 28-flat, 19 seconds ahead of 19 year-old Paul Cina.
After placing 14th at the Bridge of Flowers 10K in Western Mass. earlier in the
day, Josh “Flash” Gordon‰ÛÓnow living in Eugene, OR and betrothed to Renee
Knapp‰ÛÓfinished fourth in 28:26.


Pub Series leader Lee
of the Hurtin’ For Certain Striders closed out the top five in
28:42. Danforth now leads Picklesimer, 240 to 231, and looks to be a lock if
road worthy for the Grand Finale at Paddy’s in Newton.


NER July/August cover gal Brielle Chabot made another splash
at a pub series race, winning handily in 30:53, the lone sub-6:00 pace among
women. “With the heat and humidity I ran a time I honestly knew I was capable
of running,” said Chabot. The 20 year-old former BC runner is still coached by
Randy Thomas, head of the program for the Eagles. “This is a fun race and I’ve
been sticking to 5Ks and 10Ks with no major plans. I’m just enjoying the


Chabot also enjoyed the company of the aforementioned Knapp,
who placed second among women in Shelburne Falls, site of the Bridge of Flowers
10K. “I was in a good pack of guys and then Renee came up on me and we went
through two miles in 11:40. It was good to have her,” said Chabot, although
Knapp’s time up front was limited as she’d finish 1:20 behind the winner.


With the heightened competition in the women’s division,
McGuiggan’s Pub winner Mariah Tinger
placed 7th in 33:59 and Pub Series leader Meaghan
was 13th in 35:01. HFC’s Scearbo, however, also looks to be a lock
for Pub supremacy with a 12-point lead over SRR’s Jen Rapaport heading into Paddy’s.


NER Central heard tales of woe from those who didn’t stay
over the night before and then got caught in traffic (go figure), but there
were also conscientious no-shows from those with their age-divisions locked
up…or were they?


Super Senior Mark
had a right to be confident but hey! there’s a new Senior Sheriff in
town as SRR’s  Bob Cipriano, 51, had an enormous race to place eighth overall in
29:09 and garner all available points (10) as top 50+. This puts him two points
ahead of Reeder, plus Cipriano displaces Reeder among the top five overall.


Super Vet Jan
is also in the same boat as Reeder after Stowe, VT’s Patty Foltz won the 60+ division in
40:39, garnered all 8 available pub points and now sits two points ahead of
Holmquist‰ÛÓmeaning that Jan would now have to win her division at Paddy’s (quite
likely) and then have two other 60+ females displace Patty (ain’t gonna happen).


We’ll go out on a positive note as fair haired Vet Gordon McFarland, 63, sat this one out
knowing it was mathematically impossible for anyone to catch him and, of
course, nobody did.


33rd Annual Brew Run
5.2M/Race No. 5 in NER Pub Series, Brewster, Saturday, August 13

1, 774 Entrants – 1,621
Finishers ‰ÛÓ Results by: Spitler Timing Services

1. Matt Lacey, NY, 27:16; 2. Greg Picklesimer, 28:00; 3. Paul
Cina, 28:18; 4. Josh Gordon, 28:26; 5. Lee Danforth, 28:42; 6. Brett Baker, 28:51;
7. Andrew Holmes, 29:04; 8. Bob Cipriano, 29:09; 9. Mike Platt, 29:22; 10. Frank
May, 29:24; 11. Terry McNatt, 29:34; 12. Peter Ryan, 29:48; 13. Matt Doran, 29:51;
14. Ricky Mulroy, 30:01; 15. Jim Koch, 30:09. (19-under): 1. Paul Cina, 28:18; 2. Brett Baker, 28:51; 3. Matt
Doran, 29:51. Masters: 1. Greg
Picklesimer, 28:00; 2. Mike Platt, 29:22; 3. Terry McNatt, 29:34; 4. Jeff
Kelly, 30:14; 5. Chris Smith, 30:17; 6. Macdara Nash, 30:22. Seniors: 1. Paul Hammond, 30:22; 2. Jim
Sullivan, 32:09; 3. Dave Wessman, 33:48; 4. Paul Croft, 34:13; 5. Terry Wnek,
34:50; 6. Paul Corcoran, 35:10. Veterans:
1. Rick Stetson, 35:14; 2. Ed Sandoval, 35:52; 3. Duke Hutchinson, 38:20; 4.
John Courtmanche, CT, 39:09; 5. Dave Pember, 40:12; 6. John Winters, 40:58. (70+): 1. Larry Cole, 52:08; 2. Bob
Hillman, 57:58; 3. Jim Rudd, 58:33; 4. Art Graham, 59:42; 5. Ted Tyler,
1:00:49. Women (Overall): 1. Brielle
Chabot, 30:53; 2. Renee Knapp, 32:13; 3. Hannah Oberman, 33:20; 4. Mary Nodine,
33:33; 5. Marybeth Ryan, 33:34; 6. Carrie Bartlett, 33:57; 7. Mariah Tinger, 33:59;
8. Emily Doucette, 33:59; 9. Karen Friedman, 34:15; 10. Kathy Altieri, 34:44;
11. Laura Boer, 34:49; 12. Kelley Wulfkuhle, 34:59; 13. Meaghan Scearbo, 35:01;
14. Petra Platt, 35:09; 15. Jennifer Rapaport, 35:38. (19-under): 1. Angelica Kartsounis, 40:23; 2. Jess Leddy, 41:00; 3.
Leah Cittick, 41:52. Masters: 1. Karen
Friedman, 34:15; 2. Kathy Altieri, 34:44; 3. 3. Laura Boer, 34:49; 4. Petra
Platt, 35:09; 5. Jennifer Rapaport, 35:38; 6. Eileen Cakouros, 37:08. Seniors: 1. Claire McManus, 37:00; 2.
Marge Bellisle, RI, 37:17; 3. Liane Pancoast, 37:56; 4. Nancy Ogle, 39:26; 5.
Leisa Marks, 41:21; 5. Sue Maslowski, 42:31. Veterans: 1. Patty Foltz, VT, 40:39; 2. Janet Kelly, 41:42; 3. Mary
Pelley, 44:10; 4. Deb Crow, 46:18; 5. Catherine Farrell, 47:14. (70+): 1. Lucy
Duffy, 1:20:22.


















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