Pub Points & Pints in Pub Series Grand Finale

Sorry for the delay, Publicans. The Nov/Dec issue of NER
went to the printer on Friday, we covered the Run For All Ages today (Sat.) and
Mayor’s Cup XC (Doyle’s!) is tomorrow.


So here goes one evening Smithwick’s (pronounced Smid-icks)
worth of info on the 2011 hops & malt tour Grand Finale at Paddy’s.


It was a decade old déjà vu as original Paddy’s women’s
champion Sinead Delahunty re-lit the
old magic and churned to victory in the 10th annual affair at 17:33, followed
by Pub Powerhouse Mariah (pronounced Muh-Rye-uh) Tinger in 17:52.


By making up over 3 points on Petra Platt and with Sarah Phillips (4th in the standings after 5 races) in China on
business, Mariah jumped from 6th to 4th and into the $ pool.
Good as Gold, photo by FitzFoto


Suh-weet! And even sweeter was Meaghan Scearbo’s 5th place jaunt that brought home gold after so
many Series’ bronze outings going back to the ol’ Meaghan Shaw days.


It was 2010 déjà vu all over again in the men’s race with
former Paddy’s champion and Newton North coach Shawn Wallace replacing T.J.
as he led Lee Danforth to the finish at Paddy’s.


Lee’s a lot like Mark Cavendish in the Tour de France and
when the kick/sprint came it was a bygone conclusion as Lee won by 4 seconds in
15:23 to claim the Pub Series golden goblet.


SRR’s Greg Picklesimer
claimed third in 15:37 to forge silver in the Series. With three Masters within
the Open top 5 money earners, Whirlaway’s Mike Platt stands atop the 40+ crowd.


Likewise, SRR’s Rob Cipriano, 51 (6th, 16-flat & 4th overall in the Series), moves everyone up
in the Senior division with the top spot going to three-time champion
by a point over Chris
and Jimmy Fallon breaking a tie with Dave Wessman to move into 3rd.

Mano-a-Mano, Chris Spinney & Ken Warren
Photo by FitzFoto

Marge Bellisle
repeats as Senior female followed by Greater Lowell’s
Liane Pancoast and Galway’s Claire McManus.


CSU’s Gordon McFarland
ruled the Vet’s roost with true-blue
Dave Pember 2nd and a resurgent John Winters 3rd. Jan Holmquist, 67, ran the same time (22:11 ‰ÛÓ 7:09 pace) at Run
For All Ages as she did in setting the US W60-64 5K record at the US Masters
Championship in Syracuse, NY a few weeks ago – but you can’t miss a Pub Series
race and expect glory.


Not when gas guzzling fame-muzzling Vermonter Patty Foltz is in the hunt. Former 3x champion Catherine
of CSU was relegated to 3rd.


Marshfield Road Runner Bob Hillman can commiserate with Jan as he was unseated by Cape
Larry Cole in an age 77
Steve Milt (MRR) hung
onto 3rd.


We have not forgotten SRR’s Jen Rapaport and Hurtin’ For Certain’s Eileen Cakouros, mentioned now as the bottle has almost been


Jen started the Series on high pilot and simmered over the
final few races but still snared silver with room to spare. After a siesta from
the Series Eileen returned to catch teammate Meaghan Scearbo’s bronze medal.


With the pair in the top 5, the aforementioned Petra
is our 40+ champ followed by
defending champ
Andrea Leonard with
a time for third between
Allison Gallerani and Maine’s Laurie Nicholas (run-off around Doyle’s to decide the victor!)


Congrats to all. Check our bi-weekly e-newletter and web for
the upcoming awards fest at Doyle’s!




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