Pub Series XV Opener at An Ra’s M’or

(Kevin Sweeny, Lucky Gray & Jim Henry relax post-race, Photo by MickFoto)
Congrats to all publicans
who took the first steps along the malt & hops highway at the 15th annual
An Ra’s Mo’r 5K hard by MIT’s University Common and the Asgard Restaurant.


The Host Somerville Road Runners did the usual
superlative job for the inaugural race in this (and last) year’s Pub Series.
There was a chill in the air but no rain, unlike the spotty drizzle last year
or the monsoon that struck in 2010.


Defending Pub Series champ Lee Danforth had traction under his
wheels as he hit the first mile approaching Harvard Square in 5:07, but it wasn’t
until two miles (10:20) that he caught Antonio
(hailing from an island off Spain as far as we can gather from his
club affiliation: Pitius-Ibiza).


The duel ended in a sprint,
won (of course) by former NU 800m man Danforth. Another gent on his game was 3x
Pub Series champion Paul Hammond.
The 52 year-old Whirlaway whippet scorched the certified course in 16:44 to place
8th overall.


GBTC’s Kyle Linn McQueen , 26 “chased the guys” for a 17:01 women’s win,
good for 13th overall. Following a 23-miler the previous day, the BAA’s Lindsay Willard (prepping for Boston)
arrived 2nd in 18:13 with early-season Pub Series favorite Mariah Tinger of SRR 3rd in 18:49 after running 1:24:31 at New
Bedford the previous week.


“Dark Horse” considerations Jessica McGarty (SRR) was 5th among
women in 19:28 with top Master Susannah
, 43, 7th in 19:35 and Dracut’s true-blue Kristina Scaviola (9th in the 2011 Series) 9th in 20:21.


Of SRR note:
The yellow and black clad 12 year-old O’Donaghue
twins Daniel (18:38) and Michael (19:27), along with brother Thomas, 14 (19:40) were the top three
runners 19-under. Meanwhile, mom Emer,
49, picked up 2 Series 40+ points while readying for her first 50K as the Big
5-O approaches.


See you before, during or after
“Boston” at Doyle’s on April 22nd.


For Manifesto, Schedule,
& link to Doyle’s On-Line registration
click here.


For men’s overall and age
group standings
, click here.


For women’s overall and
age group standings
click here.



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