Two Treadmill WR Attempts at Boston Marathon Expo

World Record Attempts
for Fastest Treadmill Marathon at Boston Running Expo to Feature Outside
Interactive‰Ûªs Virtual Runner Software


software features wireless technology to put runners on famous race courses
while training on their own treadmill


BOSTON (April 3, 2012)
‰ÛÒ Outside Interactive‰Ûªs Virtual Runner Software will be featured at the John
Hancock Sports and Fitness Expo April 14 and 15 as two elite U.S. distance
runners will attempt to set new world records for the fastest treadmill


Wardian, a world-class ultra-marathoner, will try to reclaim his world record
on Saturday, April 14 at noon, while Kim Duclos, an Olympic Trials qualifier,
will attempt to set the first world record for women on Sunday, April 15, also
at noon.


runner will attempt the records while viewing Outside Interactive‰Ûªs ‰ÛÏHopkinton
to Boston 26.2 Mile‰Û HD point of view video, controlled by the Virtual Runner
Software which matches the athlete‰Ûªs pace based on a Garmin Footpod each runner
will wear on their shoelace.


Visitors to the
Outside Interactive (
booth also will be able to take a virtual run up Heartbreak Hill on the
treadmill at their pace with the same elevation as the actual hill.


Interactive‰Ûªs founder Gary McNamee is hosting the two world-record attempts at
his booth to showcase his products, which make an otherwise ho-hum treadmill
training regimen more interesting by featuring known race courses and popular
running venues on POV video while the viewer runs on their own existing
treadmill. HD videos are shot in first person giving the feeling of actually
being on the course.  


(, a three-time U.S.
50K champion, is trying to reclaim the treadmill world
that he held for two years (2:23.58) before it was broken in 2006 by
Eric Blake, the current record holder at 2:21.40. For Duclos, a 2:38 marathoner
with two top-10 L.A. Marathon finishes, the key will be to finish the 26.2
miles on the treadmill to become the first world record holder at that


first-ever interactive software running system provides a needed spark to
treadmill training.


Runner offers an alternative to the doldrums of treadmill running,‰Û said
McNamee. ‰ÛÏThe goal is to enable runners to view popular courses and running
routes interactively and at their own pace even in inclement weather or when on
the road, deployed overseas or traveling away from the course.‰Û


runners don‰Ûªt have access to a computer, Outside Interactive also offers a line
of Pre-Paced DVDs where a simple DVD player, TV and treadmill are all that‰Ûªs
needed. Runners select the ‰ÛÏpace‰Û or speed (7:00, 8:00, 9:00 or 10:00-mile
pace) at which the video will play, sync with their treadmill, hit start, and
begin running while a selected running route plays on the screen.


Interactive will be giving away different Pre-Paced DVDs throughout the Expo
from a growing library of iconic courses such as Boston, Falmouth (Cape Cod)
and the TD Beach to Beacon (Maine Coast), as well as popular running routes
along Boston‰Ûªs Charles River and New York‰Ûªs Central Park and international scenic
destinations like the hills and rice fields of Bali and the Australian Outback.
Nine videos are presently available from the initial product launch for Virtual
Runner with many more on the way.


of the more exciting features of the product is the ability for users to create
their own running route videos and upload to Virtual Runner‰Ûªs video repository.
The videos will play interactively as well allowing the user to run to their
favorite local routes or relive a course they shot while on vacation all on
their existing treadmill at their own pace.


Interactive also is utilizing the technology offered by
Garmin, the leading brand
in fitness technology.   


Interactive’s Virtual Runner software is a nice compliment to Garmin’s product
offerings,‰Û said Stan Brajer, Director of Fitness Sales and Marketing for
Garmin International. ‰ÛÏThe same data that is uploaded to Garmin Connect can
also provide a visually interactive experience to the runner while they are on
their treadmill ‰ÛÒ that has a lot of appeal.”


Virtual Runner software is compatible with select Garmin® accessories utilizing
ANT+䋢 wireless technology. ANT+ is the de facto standard in wireless for sports
watches and accessories in the health and fitness industry. 


Virtual Runner
consists of software (compatible with Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7), a
Garmin footpod and USB wireless receiver to connect to your laptop or PC
allowing runners to train viewing the professionally-created HD
videos shot from a runner’s vantage point. To enhance the training
experience, an on screen ‰ÛÏdashboard‰Û can also be
enabled with the click of a mouse. The dashboard provides real-time information
to the runner such as overall time, cadence, pace, distance and heart rate (if
the user is wearing an optional heart rate monitor).


‰ÛÏshuffle capability will be available on a future release where with the click
of a mouse, your run can be randomized,‰Û McNamee said. ‰ÛÏYou may begin your run
on Cape Cod while the next mile could be in the rice fields of Bali and the
next mile in the Australian Outback, followed by Central Park, etc. Every mile
will keep things fresh and keep you guessing.‰Û


added, ‰ÛÏiPhone and iPad apps for Virtual Runner are also under development for release later this year.
directly from the iPad for use with Apple TV‰Ûªs Airplay, the
videos can stream directly to the user‰Ûªs HDTV.‰Û


McNamee, a life-long
Boston resident and serial entrepreneur, developed the products after getting
frustrated with not being able to train properly for the B.A.A. Boston Marathon
in New England‰Ûªs unpredictable and often harsh weather.


remember thinking, what if I could film a course and view it while I ran on my
treadmill,‰Û he said. ‰ÛÏI just took my idea and ran with it, so to speak.‰Û


courses were shot in a wide-screen format from a runner‰Ûªs POV with Dolby
Digital sound to create a realistic experience, he added. ‰ÛÏThe best part with
Virtual Runner is you can run any pace, speeding up or slowing down along the
way, and the video stays in sync with your movements, just like you‰Ûªre out
there learning the landmarks on the course or just enjoying the scenery.‰Û


with a course is advantageous for competitive runners.


a chance to preview a course beforehand is a great tool to have,” said
Dave McGillivray, President of DMSE Sports
who serves as race director for some of the country‰Ûªs most prestigious road
races. “Often people from out of town fly in and with such a short window
of time, they don’t have the chance to see the race course beforehand. What
better way to preview a course than at your own pace and on your own


To see a sample of
the videos, visit the following links:

·      Hopkinton to Boston
26.2 Miles (

·      A 10K Run Through
Central Park (

·      A 7 Mile Run Around
Boston‰Ûªs Charles River (

·      A Run with Bill
Rodgers (

·      A Run Through the
Hills and Rice Fields of Bali (

·      A Sunrise Run in the
Australian Outback (


additional information, visit or call 508-238-9500
or 888-880-9264. A video demonstration can be viewed at


is a registered trademark and ANT+ is a trademark of Garmin Ltd. or its


Outside Interactive

Interactive, a Boston-based startup, is a developer of revolutionary running
software and DVDs that feature famous race courses and running routes around
the globe. Founded by Gary McNamee, an avid runner and entrepreneur, the firm‰Ûªs
products are available at For additional
information, visit or call 508-238-9500
or 888-880-9264.

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