Weather Doesn’t Dampen Pub Outpouring at Doyle’s

May/June issue is off to the
printer and hence we turn our attention to the “Cornerstone of the Pub Series“,
the 16th Annual Doyle’s Emerald Necklace 5M.

(SRR/NER Group Photo by Scott ‘Homebrew’ Mason)

The rain held off until
after the race, but that’s just when things get started, so yes, the intrepid
folks who stayed in the parking lot felt the rain, but if you noticed, while
revelers inside were paying for beer, the suds never ran out for those who
braved the elements.


Congrats to everyone who ran
Boston and then rallied at Doyle’s 6 days later ‰ÛÓ that includes the top two Pub
sirens at this point‰ÛÓthe B.A.A.’s Lyndsay Willard and SRR’s Mariah Tinger‰ÛÓas
well as several stout-hearted men leading right up to 77 year-old Larry Cole
(2011 Pub Series “Rookie of the Year”).


We got an email from Open,
Master & now Senior Cape Cod icon Ken Gartner following the race, saying
“wow, that was a fast senior field.”


Yup, when Jimmy Fallon and
Ken Leinbach both run sub-6’s and can’t crack the top 10, that’s some speed
afoot. The parade was led by Greater Lowell’s Mark Reeder, who placed 4th
overall while also lowering his own 50-59 record to 27:13. Top Pub Series
Master Joe O’Leary of SRR arrived next in 27:16, with 3x Pub champion Paul
(leading the Pub Series Senior division) also cracking the previous
record in 27:19.


The men’s race upfront was a
bit of déjà vu all over again as 2011 co-champions TJ Unger and Lee Danforth
went 1-2 while on the distaff side, Lyndsay Willard came off a 2:55 showing at
Boston, cranked the first mile in 5:38 and sailed home in 28:50. SRR’s Mariah
Tinger was solid in 5th and, topping the Pub Series Masters charts,
Newburyport’s Susannah Landreth duplicated her 7th place showing at An Ra’s


The Dukester, Cape Cod AC
stalwart Duke Hutchinson, heads up the Pub Series Veteran’s parade, as does W67
US 5K record holder Jan Holmquist who ran 7:15 pace to post up in 36:17 with
2011 “Golden Gas Guzzler” award recipient Patty Foltz, of Stowe, VT, arriving
next (Patty still holds the 60+ record of 36:02.


The aforementioned Larry
Cole could only manage 5th in the 70+ division as he was preceded to the finish
by a pair of Ocean Staters, a Mainer and the Granite State’s Denny LeBlanc who
ran 38:21 to displace the previous 70+ course record of 38:58 set last year.
Because of the surge in this division, we’re now scoring it 6-deep (up from 5).


The pressure is on
Marshfield Road Runner Regina Wright (winner 70+ in a CR 45:59) who’s now
2-for-2 with the Series.


Right now no one has been
eliminated from the Series, giving rise to situations like a 4-way tie for the
33rd position on the men’s Leader Board. The Great Unwashed (non-subscribers)
have until May 1 to bathe in the redemptive text of NER, and then by the 4th
race a good deal of people who have missed two races will be gone.


So perspire and persevere,
the next race features a bucolic setting, the Smuttynose Brewery, cook-out and
Beatles cover band at the Will Run For Beer 5K in Hampton, NH.
Pub Series Attendance  After Two Races (NOTE: Standings are included in the Manifesto (link below) for each race at its conclusion. The Manifesto is always on our homepage)




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