Pub Series Runners Who Have Completed Three Races

Current list has been updated to reflect those runners who have run the first 3 races as well as two of three and those runners who did not have a subscription to NER as of May 1st.

 If your name does not appear below, please email us at If you plan on running 5/6 or 6/6 races and hope to collect the New Balance Shoes or jacket, you MUST be an active subscriber by May 1st—-NO EXCEPTIONS‰Û¢.

Next race is August 19th in Portsmouth, RI at the the Common Fence Pt Community Center. Go to to register.




1.     Lee Danforth, Norwood, MA

2.     Paul Hammond, Lexington, MA

3.     Joe O’Leary, Medford, MA

4.     Christopher Klucznik, Somerville, MA

5.     Robert Cipriano, Belmont, MA

6.     Terry McNatt, Needham, MA

7.     Macdara Nash, Concord, MA

8.     Michael McGrane, Newton, MA

9.     Jimmy Fallon, Walpole, MA

10. Brian Mahoney, Weymouth, MA

11. Kenneth Leinbach, Belmont, MA

12. Charles Anderson, Hingham, MA

13. Bradley Harris, Somerville, MA

14. Ken Warren, Wilmington, MA

15. Jeffrey Silveira, Cambridge, MA

16. David Wessman, Scituate, MA

17. Jesse Morrow, Somerville, MA

18. Michael Quinn, Arlington, MA

19. Daniel McGinty, Arlington, MA

20. Jim Sullivan, Jamaica Plain, MA

21. Steve Houde, Medway, MA

22. Steve Seaver, Cumberland, RI

23. Edward Coleman, Auburn, MA

24. Ray Charbonneau, Arlington, MA

25. Christopher Tannian, Wakefield, MA

26. Brent Hepburn, Boston, MA

27. Thomas Stracqualursi, Stoughton, MA

28. Duke Hutchinson, Watertown, MA

29. Christopher Wargo, Wellesley, MA

30. Joe Ciavattone, Milton, MA

31. Jack Murphy, Waltham, MA

32. John Santillo, Portsmouth, RI

33. Christopher Bould, Waban, MA

34. Peter Fopiano, Melrose, MA

35. Chris Diehl, Dedham, MA

36. David Pember, Medfield, MA

37. Scott Lennox, Hopkinton, MA

38. Chris McEvoy, North Attleboro, MA

39. Michael Joyce, Somerville, MA

40. John Winters, Norton, MA

41. Richard Leonard, Framingham, MA

42. Benedikt Blomberg, Hopkinton, MA

43. Steve Baranowski, Braintree,MA

44. Matt Wernborg, Holliston, MA

45. Aaron Beer, Natick, MA

46. Mark Figura, Methuen, MA

47. Keith John Zengel SR, Morris, CT

48. Tom Foltz, Stowe, VT

49. Greg Houde,North Haverhill, NH

50. Rich Rudert, East Greenwich, RI

51. Andy Burbine, Abington, MA

52. Paul Corcoran, Needham, MA

53. Charlie Farrington, Methuen, MA

54. Phil Pierce, Falmouth, ME

55. Dale Davis, Plymouthe, MA

56. David Chwalek, Concord, MA

57. Edward Dowling, Plymouth, MA

58. Glen Panciocco, Franklin, MA

59. Doug Roeder, Durham, NH

60. Brian Wilmot, Bridgewater, MA

61. Steve O’Neil, Plymouth, MA

62. Stephen Tuohey, Braintree, MA

63. Michael Lodge, Cambridge, MA

64. Lance Benham, Northborough, MA

65. Chuck Sullivan, Stoughton, MA

66. Vincent Ryan, Arlington, MA

67. Lawrence Cole, Harwich, MA

68. Roy Dennehy, Windham, NH

69. Ed Kehoe, Taunton, MA

70. Bob Hillman, Plymouth, MA

71. Tom Hennessey, Acton, MA

72. Stephen Milt, Plymouth, MA

73. Dennis Heaton, Somerville ,MA
Chris Mack, Medford, MA






75. Lindsay Willard, Medford, MA

76. Jessica McGarty, Somerville, MA

77. Susannah Landreth, Newburyport, MA

78. Ginger Reiner, Lincoln, MA

79. Brenda Egizi, Westwood, MA

80. Sarah Phillips, Cambridge, MA

81. Lisa Williams, Concord, MA

82. Andrea Leonard, Framingham, MA

83. Elizabeth Lennox, Medford, MA

84. Claire McManus, Jamaica Plain, MA

85. Kristen Lafontaine, Somerville, MA

86. Eileen McCarthy Cakouros, Milton, MA

87. Ally Maslowski, Billerica, MA

88. Jan Holmquist, Burlington, MA

89. Katherine Taunton-Rigby, Concord, MA

90. Emer O’Donoghue, Lexington, MA

91. Patty Foltz, Stowe, VT

92. Lisa Roeder, Durham, NH

93. Kate Phillips, Medford, MA

94. Sara Radkiewicz,

95. Paula Marano, Franklin, MA

96. Lisa Connolly, West Roxbury, MA

97. Joanne Morris, Quincy, MA

98. Tina Mack, Medford, MA

99. Meredith Morris, Quincy, MA

100.                Alison Lackey, Somerville, MA

101.                Marianne Withington, Plymouth, MA

102.                Erin Lynch, Melrose, MA

103.                Norah Piehl, Somerville, MA

104.                Lori Fitzgerald, Wilmington, MA

105.                Kate Maslowski,

106.                Regina Wright, Marshfield, MA

107.                Robin Shor, Jamaica Plain, MA

108.                Stephanie Finnegan, Somerville, MA

109.                Jennifer Sullivan, Abington, MA

110.                Jacquelyn Cohen, Concord, MA

111.                Yvonne Fitzgerald, Bellingham, MA

112.                Allison Blodgett, Worcester, MA

113.                Meghan McKinnon, Roslindale, MA

114.                Kathy Paganis, Nashua, NH

115.                Sandra Debow, Jamaica Plain, MA

116.                April Blodgett, Arlington, MA

117.                Audrey Zengel, Morris, CT

118.                Elizabeth Manney, Leominster, MA

119.                Trish Baldwin, Attleboro, MA

120.                Carol Walsh, Cumberland, RI

121.                Sarah Deery, Boston, MA

122.                Kerry Diehl, Dedham, MA

123.                Christine Bradley, Norton, MA

124.                Lyn Atkinson, Mansfield, MA



Have Run Two of Three Races:


A=An Ra’s Mo’r



C=Common Fence Point


P=Paddy’s Shillelagh Shuffle


126.                Bobby Bligh, Wakefield, MA-A/D

127.                Christopher Smith, Woburn, MA, A/D

128.                Chris Spinney, Arlington, MA, A/D

129.                Aharon Wright, Somerville, MA , A/D

130.                Eric Davis, Shirley, MA, A/D

131.                Michael Platt, Needham, MA, A/D

132.                John Nieskens, Medford, MA, A/D

133.                Theo Kindermans, Waltham, MA, A/D

134.                Terry Wnek, Holbrook, MA,  A/D

135.                 Kevin Sweeney, Norwood, MA, A/D

136.                 Rich Sturges, Waltham, MA, A/D

137.                 Steve Pepe, Bedford, MA, A/D

138.                Brian Tinger, A/D

139.                Mike Tatian, Natick, MA, A/D

140.                Keith Jr. Zengel, Morris, CT, A/D

141.                Benson Willis, Cambridge, MA, A/D

142.                Luis Ortiz, Hyde Park, MA, A/D

143.                Dick Doran, Dedham, MA, A/D

144.                Bruce Rogers, Winchester, MA, A/D

145.                Barry Evans, Needham, MA, A/D

146.                Andrew Fintzel, Jamaica Plain, MA, A/D

147.                Jack Fagan, Revere, MA, A/D

148.                Christopher Schaffner, Acton, MA, A/D

149.                William Fleming, Norwood, MA, A/D

150.                Jim Henry, Norwood, MA, A/D

151.                Malcolm Smith, Boston, MA, A/D

152.                Kevin Leach, Falmouth, MA, A/D

153.                Patrick Ralph, Riverside, RI, A/D

154.                Michael Guerriere, A/D

155.        Daniel O’Donoghue, Lexington, MA, A/S

 Michael O’Donoghue, Lexington, MA, A/S
Joe Siravo, Boston, MA, A/S 
Stephen Shea, Hyde Park, MA, A/S
Michael Feeney, Methuen, MA, D/S



1.     Mariah Tinger, A/D

2.     Candice Gagnon, Lowell, MA, A/D

3.     Gesa Kirsch, Boston, MA, A/D

4.     Karen Serafin, Medford, MA, A/D

5.     Drusilla Pratt-Otto, Brookline, MA, A/D

6.     Kathryn Mahoney, Cambridge, MA, A/D

7.     Maryellen Doran, Dedham, MA, A/D

8.     Catherine Cagle, Waltham, MA, A/D

9.     Helen Garity, Newton, MA, A/D

10. Kristen Figura, Methuen, MA, A/D

11. Catherine Farrell, Newton, MA, A/D

12. Katie O’Donnell, Boston, MA, A/D

13. Margie Garity, Hanover, MA, A/D

14. Evona Niewiadomska, Boston, MA, A/D

15. Michelle Almeida, A/D

16. Ruthanne Waite, Medford, MA, A/D

17. Deborah Hickey, Walpole, MA, D/S






Wes Lawrence***

Chris Vezeau***

Gary Richards***

Kate Fitzpatrick***

Betsy Lawrence***

Kristen McKinnon***





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