NER Pub Series Stop No. 4 – CFP 5M

A mighty fine job by Common
Fence Point 5M
RD John Santillo
and the Rhode Island Rhode Runners
as the Pub Series was saved from another treacherous weather day with sun and
fun overlooking Mt. Hope Bay in Portsmouth, RI.


Most notable on the AWOL
list were former 6th placer Joe O’Leary on the men’s side (tho’ there
were certainly enough Somerville RR teammates on hand) as three runners moved
past Joe. On the women’s ledger, 3rd placer and top 40+ runner Susannah Landreth was passed in the standings
by four women.


Both Joe & Susannah are
still in the hunt. Pub Queen Lindsay
was a bit dinged coming in (knee) but lit out at 5:40 pace for the
first mile and finished 10th among the 348 finishers in 29:52. Masters ace Holly Madden gobbled another 10 Masters
points as runner-up in 31:22. Fellow Master Lisa Kaplan of the B.A.A. copped bronze in 31:40. Teammate Ginger Reiner placed 5th but sits
second among all-important Pub Series standings.


Senior speedster Rob Cipriano thought pub Series leader Lee Danforth was “playing possum” when
he started holding his side at 4M, but alas for Lee, he was suffering from side
cramps that seem to come and go. Rob pulled SRR teammate Chris Klucznik behind him for an SRR 1-2 finish in 17:18-27:30. Lee
retained the top spot on the Leaderboard in third with Pub icon Paul Hammond 4th.


Macdara Nash
needs super glue to hold onto rival Terry
as the CSU posterboy once again clipped the Brit (by 10 seconds) in
28:47 to round out the top five. Cipriano’s performance did put him in a tie
with Hammond for top Senior while he trails Paul in Open scoring 182-177 as the
pair sit 2-3 followed by McNatt.


The only other tie is in the
super tough 70+ division where Rich
used the homestate advantage to tie Maine’s Phil Pierce for the top spot. Believe it or not, Rudert trailed
both Harry Carter and Fast Eddie Fromm, 74, now living in
Mesa, AZ with a month during the summer spent in New England. (Fromm ran 7:35


Age-group high goes to
national talent Jan Holmquist, 68,
who ran 7:18 pace to stay ahead of VT’s Patty Foltz in the standings. Low goes
to Senior ace Ken Leinbach, 57 who
pulled a calf muscle and then dragged a leg around the course for an eventual
10:06 pace.


When the pizza was
distributed and the kegs ran dry yet another was procured. The young guns of
the Series headed to the Atlantic Beach Company and an overnight in Newport.
The Hurtin’ For Certain crowd headed over “the bridge” to the Boat House.

(PUBsters up front: Holly Madden (green), Kristina Scaviola (black) and Dave Wessman (headband), Photo by FitzFoto/NER)

As this transpired the RIRR
retired to the field across from the Community Center for the club’s annual
Lobster Bake. In an adjoining field a Prius party broke out accompanied by some
major league wiffle ball.


NER then proceeded to get
lost despite the use of a GPS. Jean-Guy
Gaetano Barra
was lost in the shuffle. We made it out of Fall River before
shots were fired and Ocean State bloodhound Scott Mason was able to locate Adrien’s By The Sea in Bristol.
All’s well that end’s well‰Û¢


The Pub Series last visited
the CFP 5M in 2006. We’re not sure why it took so long to get back, but it was
worth the wait. Manifesto & Schedule w/Standings

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