Lowell Speedway Leads to Paddy’s Grand Finale

Photo: Early lead pack at Kerouac/FitzFoto/NERunner
NOTE: All divisional leaders should check in at the NER tent at Paddy’s to receive the traditional “maillot juene” leader’s singlets!
Jack Keroauc proved to be a hybrid race, and not one to our
liking as the USATF-NE LDR’s chose at the 11th hour to piggyback their Grand
Prix Series onto the Pub Series without ever emailing or calling NER


This posed some problems, as in how do we go about the
scoring? In the previous 14 years displacement by non-Pub Series runners has
been allowed.


Looking at the previous year’s USATF-NE GP 5K there was the
very real possibility that no one from the Pub Series would score in the top
50. For a majority of Pubsters, but not all, it would be as if they hadn’t been
to the race (in terms of scoring). In fact, three men and seven women from the
Pub Series made it into the top 50‰ÛÓcertainly not your typical race.


In fairness to the majority, we decided that for this one
race we’d reverse direction, we wouldn’t allow displacement, and we gave the
timers a list of just Pub Series participants to score.


There were problems, missing names and transposed times, but
between checking both lists and getting heads-ups from participants, we think
we have a fairly clean result.


Check it out and make sure. Just about everyone still alive
in the Series scored in this one and the leaderboard looks like it does at the
beginning of the Series, not near the end.


It has been a long road to Paddy’s, congrats to all who’ve
made it this far. A flat, fast and certified 3-Miler (with sun) is just the
remedy. See you in Newton on the 14th.
Photo: Liberty’s 70+ winner Regina Wright will make history at Paddy’s as the first 70+ woman to complete the Series! MickFoto/NERunner

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