Danforth, Willard Win Paddy’s & Top Pub Series

Photo by FitzFoto/NER


Excuse the delay with this but the mag goes to the printer
tomorrow (Monday) so we’ve been flat out after taking a 3-week vacation and
then heading ot the Chicago Marathon followed by the ING Hartofrd
Marathon/Paddy’s weekend combo.


The Grand Finale of the Pub Series, the Paddy’s
Shillelagh Shuffle 3M
, mimicked 4 of the
previous 5 Pub Series outings‰ÛÓin a word: Rain.


It was off and on again once the race started at 11:30 but
the road was already puddled by then.


Up front, Pub Series leader Lee Danforth went through the first mile with 23 year-old Nick
Ryan and 46 year-old Pete Hammer in tow. Lee eschewed his usual sit and kick
strategy to lead the contingent until the final turn to the finish off Border


“They got a glimpse of the finish line and surged ahead. I
wasn’t going to go from that far out,” said Lee. “I figured I’d hold on until
we got closer and see what I had left.”


Lee had enough for a one tick over Ryan in 15:14 with Hammer
another tick behind Ryan.


Two weeks after running Chicago, SRR teammates Rob
and Chris Klucznik went 5-6 overall to both leapfrog past an ailing Paul
into the 2-3 Pub slots. Two-time
Terry McNatt copped 5th
overall so keep this in mind ‰ÛÓ Cip, Terry and Hammond get top 5 cash so that
moves folks behind them in the age groups up.


Women’s course record holder Kathy Franey was on hand. Now
44 and a mother of three, the Villanova flash can still motor. A 5:43 first
mile split got her psyched so she pressed ahead a bit before Pub Queen Lyndsay
pulled up and then ahead‰ÛÓa day
after placing 3rd in the ING Hartford Marathon.


“I’ve been out of the loop,” said Franey. “I had no idea how
good she was but I couldn’t go with her. Someone told me later that she’d run a
marathon the day before. I don’t know how she did that.”


Behind Willard (17:20), Holly Madden, Jessica McGarty, Lisa Williams and Sarah Phillips placed
top 10 and top 5 in the Pub Series. Noticeable by her absence was the BAA’s
, who had held down the Pub Series
second rung.


Congratulations to the Marshfield Road Runners’ Regina
, who ran 28:37 to become the first
70+ woman in the 15-year history of the Pub Series to complete the Series. Women’s Standings  Men’s Standings





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