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Defending Champions Returning to Medtronic TC 1 Mile
By Medtronic TC 1 Mile
ST. PAUL, Minn. ‰ÛÒ (March 26, 2013) ‰ÛÒ Hometown star Heather Kampf and University of Wisconsin alumnus Craig Miller will return to downtown Minneapolis to defend their titles and race for a pair of $10,000 course record bonuses at the 2013 Medtronic TC 1 Mile
on Thursday, May 9. The event will draw more than 3,000 runners to
Nicollet Mall for a full evening of racing culminating with the
professional runners competing for $25,000 in prize money. A festive
Nicollet Mall atmosphere ‰ÛÒ where Minneapolitans enjoying the downtown
nightlife cheer runners along the route ‰ÛÒ makes the Medtronic TC 1 Mile a
unique event on the Minnesota and national running calendar. Continue reading at

State Mile Guides: New Jersey, Georgia, Connecticut & Massachusetts
By Bring Back the Mile
#6 Massachusetts: Only state to have kept the Mile at prep level
#5 Connecticut: Jan Merrill, most prolific Nutmegger
#4 Georgia: One of five states looking for their first sub-4 Miler
#3 New Jersey: Home to Liqouri and record breaking indoor Miles
National Run a Mile Days to Move Youth Across America
From National Run A Mile Days
BETHESDA, Md. ‰Û The American Running Association (ARA) will host and promote its National Run a Mile Days
from May 3‰Û12, the Maryland‰Ûbased national nonprofit announced today.
‰ÛÏR U A MILER‰Û will be the rallying cry at elementary and middle schools
across the U.S. for the sixth annual national campaign. The Mile is the
standard measure in America and has been the indicator of fitness in
running and track for decades. ARA is supported by its professional
division of physicians and allied health professionals who have
fundraised to support the national effort to increase the fitness and
physical activity levels of America‰Ûªs youth. Continue reading at

America‰Ûªs Sub-4:00 Fraternity
By Dave Hunter, RunBlogRun
4:00 Mile‰ÛÓthere is something so perfect about that distance, that time,
and that goal. 4 laps in 4 minutes, averaging less than 60 seconds for
each lap. Other sports may claim to have pinnacle goals equal to the
majesty of the 4:00 Mile. But they would be wrong. Golf’s hole in one?
Too much magical luck involved. Bowling’s 300 game? Too easily achieved.
Basketball’s triple double, baseball’s .300 batting average or 20 win
season, hockey’s hat trick – all are events to be celebrated, to be
sure. But none can really compare to the dedication, the solitary
achievement, and the grandeur that accompany breaking four minutes in
the Mile. Continue reading at


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