Evan’s Run – Musings at McGreel’s Tavern

It was fun in the sun at Evan’s Run as Somerville (RR)
streak Jacob Barnett has cleared the
field in the first three outings and GBTC’s Sara Donahue has emerged as the clear women’s favorite with 2012
Pub Queen Lindsay Willard having gone under the knife (happy recoup


Hurtin’ for Certain Strider TJ Unger had been showing leg speed of late (ala a 4:03 at the
previous evening’s Twilight Meet 1500) but after a 5-flat first mile, Barnett
held that pace to post up in 15:33 with TJ 20 seconds back and 2012 Pub Prince Lee Danforth claiming third in 16:07.


Top Master Greg
duplicated his fourth place position from the USATF Masters 10K
at the Ramble in 16:28 to take over 3rd in the Series (behind Barnett &
Unger). Greg should get extra points for bringing his parents to McGreely’s Tavern post-race (but he
doesn’t need them).


Donahue’s 5:43 pace wasn’t going to be touched while 2012
Pub Series 4th placer and 40+ champ Holly
had an exceptional run to cop second in 19:03 (6:07 pace) with the
B.A.A.’s Ginger Reiner 3rd in 19:16.
Sarah Phillips and Amanda Watters (3-4 in the Series)
piled in behind Reiner with RI’s Jackie
placing 6th and retaining the 2nd rung in the Series with only
4-points separating the 2-3-4 positions. (TJ Unger, photo by FitzFoto)


With the chaff off the wheat following this 3rd race, the
field is a lot more distinguishable. Pickle Power reigns supreme among Masters
with 2X Pub champ Terry McNatt of
CSU and newcomer Kevin Delaney
locked in a tie for 2nd, while Greater Lowell’s Mark Reeder is the force among Seniors. HFC coach Jimmy Fallon placed 14th overall at
Evan’s Run to move from the 8th to 2nd 50+ position.


CSU’s Gordon
and William Pine are
a solid 1-2 among Veterans with 2012 champ John
in 3rd.


Cape Ironman Bill
, 76 (22:09 at Evan’s Run) missed Doyle’s, notched a solitary 70+
point at the Ramble/US Masters 10K and opined, “I can’t catch him,” in
reference to Pub stalwart Dave Pember,
70. Back at McGreel’s Tavern, Riley reviewed the situation. “Well, I could
catch him but some new 70 year-old would have to displace him in a race.” It
was then pointed out that Pember is that
new 70 year-old.


Holly Madden holds a decided edge among Masters Malters with
a Sudsy Senior Slugfest crazier than North Korea’s Kim Jong Un breaking out
between Greater Lowell’s Liane Pancoast,
Warren, RI’s Marge Bellisle and
HFC’s Brenda Egizi.


Jan Holmquist,
69, the top age-graded athlete at the US Masters 10K Champs, rules the
Veteran’s roost with performances like her 22:07 (7:07 pace) 17th place showing
in Norwell. Marshfield RR Regina Wright was
bloodied after a fall on Norwell’s macadam but still proved the class of the
70+ set.


A special hats off to SRR’s Mariah Tinger, who seemed to be running on her due date, but also
seemed none the worse the wear while sporting a belly that would match any
number of McGreely’s regulars.


Next up, John
perennially sun splashed Common
Fence Point 5M
, hard by Mt. Hope Bay and the Sakonnet River. Enjoy the
summer, we’ll see you on August 18 if not before. (Photo: SRR’s Mariah Tinger, photo by FitzFoto/NERunner).

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