Pub Series Starlet Reiner Returned to Leaderboard

Disclaimer Relative to the Initial Post Below: While there was a mystery men’s winner expunged from
the results, and Jimmy Fallon didn’t appear at all (because he had a “Senior”
moment and forgot to wear his race number), we were able to catch all that in
the minutes and hours following the race.


Not so the exclusion of the
B.A.A.’s Ginger Reiner, a victim of
the chaotic registration process and thus listed in the results as Dorchester’s
Andrea Leverentz, 40. Andrea is,
indeed, in the Series and has 5 legitimate Open points. Ginger got in touch
with us, gave her time (19:12) good for 45 points (as she placed 6th among
women at Tavern to Tavern).


No one else’s points were
affected. Andrea was listed as 2nd Master so that’s been corrected so everyone
in the Masters division (minus winner Holly
) had a point added and Vineyard Haven’s Diane Nolan is awarded the final point to make her debut on the
Series leaderboard.



Initial Post:


The Tavern to Tavern 5K took
on a pack mentality on Sunday, Sept. 22, as the dinged-up crowd took strength
in numbers. (Start photo by FitzFoto/NERunner)



SRR speedster and Pub Series
Leader Jacob Barnett hadn’t run in
2-weeks with Achilles tendinitis; Series 5th placer Chris Klucznik was downgraded from a stress fracture to acute
tendinitis; Two-time champ Terry McNatt
had his arm cradled in a sling at the back of the pack after being sideswiped
by a car while on his bike resulting in a broken clavicle; and Whirlaway’s Ken Warren took an axe to his foot with
a misplaced woodpile swing and brought the blade down to his bone.



Ken produced a video
post-race where he peels his skin back to expose the bone. In that light maybe
it’s a good thing that three food vendors didn’t show and there was no
post-race repast to upchuck. (Photo: Tavern to Tavern 5K winner TJ Unger. Photo by MickFoto/NERunner)



There was plenty of beer and
reason to toast Hurtin’ For Certain’s TJ
who clocked 15:18 on a course a tad short after tweaked just the week
before per order of the Cambridgian Constabulary. “This is the first race since
Doyle’s that there was actually a pack through two miles,” noted Unger. “I got
a bit of a lead heading up a short uphill and was running for dear life after



HFC’s Lee Danforth is off the frozen dinners courtesy of his fiancee’s
healthy cooking and showed his old form with a runner-up 15:29 clocking,
followed by Barnett and HFC’s Andrew



(Photo: Candace Gagnon of Team Fabulous headed to a top 10 finish. Photo by FitzFoto/NERunner)
With the BAA’s Ginger Reiner awol both teammate Amanda Watters and Tavern to Tavern
runner-up Holly Madden moved to the
3-4 positions on the Pub Series leaderboard. GBTC’s Sara Donahue once again was dominant (16:47) with Sarah Phillips (5th overall) retaining
the runner-up rung and Jackie Jackman
returning from the disabled list to place 13th overall (but the early No. 2
female Series runner is 6th on the leaderboard).



Greater Lowell’s Liane Pancoast still has hamstring woes
from the Catalina Marathon and lost her 2-point lead over defending Senior
champ Marge Bellisle of Warren, RI.
Both CSU’s Gordon McFarland (60+)
and Cape Cod Ironman Bill Riley are
both feeling the sting of missing a race as Gordo is now chasing NH’s William Pine and Riley is still
stalking Dave Pember. Both are
2-points behind with real estate rapidly running out.



The moral taken from this
race: Don’t chop wood, stay off your bikes and heal up from other maladies as
the final foam will be blown off the keg at the flat and fast
Paddy’s Shillelagh Shuffle 3-Miler in the Series finale on Oct. 20 at Paddy’s Pub in
Newton. (Photo: Former UFC cage fighter Tank Abbott, down to a svelte 230, makes his Pub Series debut (Photo by MickFoto/NERunner)

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